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3/12/2006 7:04 am
Big & Tall Top 10 CDs

Moving right along to the Top 10 CDs (I do own vinyl, but very few)...

1.) Beck, Odelay (1996)- the album that changed the way I listen to music. Beck's experimentation and constant genre-switching caused me to be more experimental with my own tastes, which before were plain and staid.

2.) They Might Be Giants, Flood (1990)- and this record was the first of my post-Beck fascination with "eclectic" music. You gotta love a song called "Minimum Wage" that sounds like a reject from Bonanza. Work is a cattle drive, you know.

3.) Johnny Cash, American Recordings (1994)- the first of Cash's recordings with Rick Rubin, and still his best of the bunch. He was never more clear or direct here. "Like A Soldier" is the kind of tune that haunts you long after the stereo goes cold with its naked honesty.

4.) John Mayer, Room for Squares (2001)- this album is the closest thing to an autobiography I have. I can personally relate to each and every single song on here, which is kinda creepy. Mayer's turned his back on this kind of music, and for the better, but this album still strongly resonates.

5.) Beck, Sea Change (2002)- ever been dumped, or rejected by someone, or left behind? This is your record.

6.) Nickel Creek, This Side (2002)- there was a sense of innocence here that will never be heard again. Their next album, while great, was far more cynical. Bonus points for "Seven Wonders," sung by my future wife, Sara Watkins. She will be mine! It's meant to be! I'm not crazy, I tell ya!

7.) The Beatles, Revolver (1966)- it's the Beatles. It's legend.

8.) N.E.R.D., In Search Of... (2001)- Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo's first assault on the music world. "Tape You" is the greatest "I wanna tape you having lesbian sex with this other chick" tune you'll ever hear.

9.) They Might Be Giants, Apollo 18 (1992)- More John & John at their nerdiest best. The "Fingertips" montague might be the most experimental they've ever been.

10.) Gomez, Liquid Skin (1999)- Boring, art-school Brit rock. And it's damn good.

Top 10 Books to come!

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