Another Non-Sexy Sunday  

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7/16/2006 7:41 pm

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Another Non-Sexy Sunday

See now, why can't my Sundays be more like another sexy sunday?

Here's how MY Sunday went, because I know you're all dying for this critical information...

I woke up this morning after my first real good night's sleep in at least 2 weeks, so at least it started off on the right foot. Then it's straight to the laundry room... only to find dead dragonflies all over the floor. That's just what I want to see at 8:45 AM. Don't ask me how that happened, I don't know.

So then... well... nothing happened. From 9 AM to about 3:30 PM, not a damn thing happened. Unless you consider doing laundry as something happening, but I do that every Sunday. (Sundays and Wednesdays are strictly laundry days, and Saturday is bedsheet laundry days. I'm pathetic, I know.) Finally, 3:30 PM is the time where I grab a bite to eat for lunch and head to the Public Radio Station for my usual Sunday night Spanish-language program, a.k.a. A Long, Slow Ascent Into Bilingual Hell.

So, after the Coke machine at the PRS eats up my change and decides to be a dick by not giving me my Coke, I grumble and set up shop for the shift. I'm stuck with water-cooler water for the evening, but sadly, the water cooler doesn't have a cold section, it has warm and lukewarm. Boiling hot is not an option yet, but give it time.

Our dapper host shows up, everything runs smoothly... until 7:45. "The CD player is not working!"



Sure enough, he broke the damn CD player. See, we still have small CD players for playing music music, so somehow (well no, I'm pretty sure I know how he did it) he broke the CD player. Thankfully, we have three of them, so we still had 2 left, but, still... this isn't cheap equpiment we're talking about here. And this is the same guy who once disloged the microphone while on-air and you could hear it over the air the microphone hitting the floor with a loud "THWMMP!" and our host going "Dios, Dios, Dios!" He's legible to do anything. He had amazing dexterity for the catastrophic.

(And since he is a volunteer and I'm the employee, you know who's going to get blamed for this? Yep, yours truly. I get blamed for EVERYTHING, at both my jobs, so I'm quite used to it by now.)

Sadly, that wasn't even the dumbest moment of the night. He topped that stupidity 15 minutes later, when after a song stops, silence fills the airwaves.

Rule #J49321 of Radio: Dead air is death in radio.

So it's 30 seconds of dead air, and I'm like, WTF? So I hit the studio, and he's reading his copy... OFF THE AIR. He didn't turn on the damn microphone, so like an idiot, he's reading to an audience of one, himself.

Now this I'm truly baffled by. At our station, you can tell when you're on-air and when you're not (the needle on the board tends to give it away), and he's been doing this show long before I arrived, so how the hell could he not know? I want to scream "You're not on the air, moron!", but I'm not that kinda guy, so I bite my lip and simply walk over to the board and hit the "ON" button that turns on the mic. The look on his face when he realized his gaffe was priceless.

The rest of the show goes off without a hitch, while I watch YouTube and try not to stab myself in the eye with a sharp pencil out of sheer boredom. (Latest YouTube gem: "UFO over New York City." I just think it's Bill O'Reilly going home for the weekend.) So after all that, it's Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and now I'm home.

That's my Sunday.

What a thrilling day.

(Note to curiousinlorain7: You're welcome. So what do you want to do to me at the orgy, cutie?)

"Today may be the first day of the rest of your life, unless you live on the other side of the International Date Line, then yesterday was the first day of the rest of your life."- Larry Andersen

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I have a wish list of all sorts of things...I'm sure we'll find something

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