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In case I didn't mention it, this is my 99th blog. And I'm in a celebratory mood, and I know how I'm going to party... by masturbating. Hell, it's Sunday night. AF1 is probably still partying (and dollars to donuts says her bra is hanging off a lampshade... naughty girl), and AF2 is asleep. So it's me, myself, and I.

For tonight, it's a special trip through the Big & Tall Archives, as I went back today and read through all 97 readable blogs (and 1 that AdultFriendFinder still hasn't allowed visible, for some reason) and pick through and unveil the Top 5 Blogs and the Top 5 Ramblings.

But before I get started, there are some people that need to be thanked, and I'm a-gonna thank them now. So a special thanks to...
sweetSinn2690 (Where have you gone, Sinn?)
sassybelle21 (You're not an ugly duckling, Sassy. Don't let one dude ruin your outlook. You're beautiful, and if I say it, it's as good as gold.)

Heh heh, notice they're all women. I am a man whore. Just call me Alfie.

So now, what began with The debut blog has lead to this... so sit back, relax, and spread your legs, as I unveil...

Top 5 Big & Tall Blogs!
1.) Remembering A Past Flame- easily the best blog I've ever written. I just think it is. It's the most bracingly intimate I've been in terms of discussing my past heartbreak, and I can't help but think about the past flame every now and again.

2.) My ideal wedding- what began as a rant against a public access show where a local millionaire married a ditzy blonde turned into how I would conduct my "dream" wedding. (Thankfully, they stopped airing that show.)

3.) and it was GOOD- ah yes, that first time with AF1. That day was great, and every time we spend together since, it's only gotten better. She's easily the best sex partner I've ever had, and I dare say she's the best friend I've ever had. For a companion piece, also read My date with destiny, where I discussed my early-morning nerves leading up to the historic day.

4.) Dishin' It- me waxing nostalgic over the humongous satellite dish in our Washington backyard. (I said California in this blog, but it was really Washington. See, this is what happens when you move a lot: everything gets blurred together at some point!)

5.) Me vs Cranky Old Man- conflict at a Burger King as an old man threatened to kick my ass. Sadly, I've seen the old man around since this incident, and I'm telling you, the bastard glares at me everytime he spots me.

HONORABLE MENTION: Big Tall Sexaholic (BTW, I stole "sexaholic" from John Leguizamo), Dude, let's throw something at this loser, The Joys of Softcore Porn ("Perfection!"), Oh, the games we played and played and played, And how was YOUR Friday night (a few more blogs about my sexcapades with AF1), Satuday Night, Another SexFilled Day (just so AF2 doesn't get left out).

But I didn't forget that Tuesday night staple of stupidity... so keep those legs open and moan over the pleasure of...

Top 5 Big & Tall Ramblings
1.) Tuesday Night Ramblings No Time For Love- Dick Button, "Put that thing away, Victor!", Drunk Flour Fighting, and my bold prediction that Sara Watkins will be my bride. Oh yeah, the best Ramblings blog I've ever done.

2.) Tuesday Night Ramblings No Sex, Just Rest Edition- the Ramblings that dared to ask "What would a Mickelson v. Woods wrestling match look like?" Plus, I do believe my point about Cinco de Mayo is correct.

3.) Tuesday Night Ramblings I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Edition- that sexy nerd Cynthia K gets her due here, plus I debate a questionable #1 on a Chick Flicks list. And I threaten to ban ice cream. Considering I'm eating Klondike's Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich as I'm typing this, the ban didn't hold up.

4.) Tuesday Night Ramblings 3D- Jeff Foxworthy dances like a doofus (and it gets funnier every time you watch it), I argue for James Earl Jones to read the State of the Union, and Butterfly, that gloriously awful Pia Zadora vehicle, get some Big & Tall love.

5.) Tuesday Night Ramblings- the very first Ramblings.


And there you have it: the Best of Big & Tall.

The 100th blog will be a Tuesday Night Ramblings, so stay tuned and I do hope that you keep reading in the future as I pursue more hot sex, try to find a full-time gig, and attempt to not choke my boss out.

And thanks to everyone who has read this blog, and those who have commented on it. I do appreciate everyone who has commented, and I do read them all.

See y'all Tuesday!

"Today may be the first day of the rest of your life, unless you live on the other side of the International Date Line, then yesterday was the first day of the rest of your life."- Larry Andersen

sassybelle21 33F  
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5/8/2006 2:08 am

Why first of all, thankies for the mention but why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything. I hope your stay in AdultFriendFinder blogville will be longer than mine. Congratz!

PrincessKarma 45F
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5/8/2006 4:37 pm

You're quite welcome

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

PassionKisses4Me 45F

5/9/2006 7:48 am

Kisses baby.....it has been my pleasure



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