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8/28/2006 10:14 pm

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The first post on a blog is always the easiest. It's like opening a new box of cookies, the taste is so sweet you think you could eat the whole thing...I usually can't get past the sixth cookie, what to do about that?

I just started college today, can you believe it!! I had biology 4, a seemingly basic bio class with an emphasis on genetics and stuff like that. I hope it does turn out to be interesting. I do hope I can challange the teacher on ideas about evolution since I heard it will be a topic we cover. Things like the Cambrian explosion seem to nullify the evolution theory in a big way. I just wonder what she'd have to say about it.

Anyways I am having my favorite class tomorrow which of course is psychology. This class is with an emphasis in relationships....very exciting. What's more interesting than learning about relationships and the way people live them. I expect it will help out me in relationships since I seem to have such trouble...I know IMAGINE!

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