I had a dream  

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4/29/2005 6:52 am

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I had a dream

Last night I woke from adeep sleep with a raging hard on .I realized I just had the best erotic dream I have had in a while and I think I did becuase of this site. The dream started with me sitting home on a sunday night bored as hell and seeing whos on yahoo and stuff. I figured ah what the heck lets go to a local bar and see if there was any action. I went to a bar not far from my home and got myself a drink. I was dressed rather comfy jeans a t-shirt the read the big red one on the back with a tiny tropicana symbol on the fron a reference to there moening juice drink. I ordered a scotch on the rocks. Looking around the place was rather quite for a college town there were groups of peopel in the booths but few out on the floor. I did notice on the other side of the bar kinda out of veiw a rather attractive face . The lady was a big beautiful face lady with enormus breasts that sat on the bar as she drank . I thought to my self wow that chick has nice eyes . I told the bar tender to by here a drink ahe was drinking cosmos.She got the drink gave me a soft smile that really lite up her face so i went over an sat next to her. wow her perfume was sweet. She had suc=h nice skin to when our eyes meet ialmost melted and i could feel my dick growing as i quickly sat down. We started to chat she was younger than me but only by a few years we had a nother round of drinks. we chatted tillabout ten and then she said she had towork in the morning and should get going I asked if i could walk her out becuase i have to work to she said sure we headed out to the parking lot and I asked for her number and she said sure i have a pen in the car climb in so i did. we chatted a little about her car a nice 300 m with pleanty of room in the front. Turns out she is a business woman with a degree in marketing and heads up a marketing department localy for a company in plastics. as wechatted i lean closer andsaid i luv to nibbleyour neck she smiled and suddenly i was softly kissing her neck then our eyes locked in on each other and we were kissing passionatly. our arms began to move all over our bodies as we were both feeling really attracted toeach other. she said i really have to go and i said oooo she siad well ilive a little was from there but followmei know a place we can chat. I did she pulled behind the localsupermarket and then down this dark wooded road there was a big clearing and no lights i got out of my smalltoyota and walked over towards her car she said lets get in the back seat at least we can be closer so i was game we started to make out getting very hot my cock was dieing to push its way out of my jeansas my hand roamed her body i felt her jean button was open and with a little prodding i could easily slip the zipper down so I started to she held my hand and said i cant i said oh she said i dont have any birth control with me I siad thats ok lets just get to know each other and our lipsloccked our tongues danced and my hand slowly undid here jeans, with the jeans open i worked up her shirt she was more than game as her big sexy breasts were aching tobe touched an sucked i nibbled her neckandsarted running my tongue down to her cleavage as I undid her bra i lifted her shirt an wrapped my lips around one ofher nipples as she moaned she heldmy head and moved it from one nipple to the other she was so hot so soft so sexy
my cock was stroking itself at this point wanting to cum in my jeans as iwas sucking and tongueing her nip[ples gentle bite i moved my hand down into her pants and felt heat I slowly worked my hand deeperas she started to spread her legs to allow me in more i pulled her undies toone side and she was so wet
i slowly barely touched her clit an ran my finger down toher pussy hole and just barley inserted it as i started to want to make her feel even more pleasure she asked u want me to take off mypants i said yes next thing i know there off here shirt slid off and her beauty was totaly exposedtome I went right towork licking and looking at her beauty 1st the nipples then licking my way to the other she was holding them for me massaging themas i sucked them mymouth licking her fingers as she flicked the wet fingers over her hard nipples I sucksed a finger deep running my tongue all around it as if i were giving it ablow job and she massage her nipples after moaning with delight I wanted to taste her sweetness. i kiss and lick my way down her stom,ach as my far hand worked invbetween her thighs a slowly rub her inner thigh with enough touch to make her skin tingle then my tongue worked circles around her belly bottin her hands left her nreats and started topuch getly on my head aknowledging she wanted her pussy lick.
my hand move from her thigh and slowly spread open her pussy flicking at her clit as i did mymouth move closer as she started to squirm all the timemy cock is ready to burst from my jeans i layed my head just above here pussy close so she could feel my warmbreath on her clit as i moved to pull back on her pussy hair and expose her hard wanting clit my tongue darted out toshow her clit i wanted tolick itas i did i slipped afinger slowly indide her pussy moist warm wanting iwas feeling so hot i started tolick her clit and the warm wetness from her pussy tasted so sweet i wrpped my lips around her clit an slowly sucked it my tongue darting out to massage it................. I woke at that point with a hard on like you woudlnt believe and started humping my body pillow moaninfas i did wanting to taste some bbw pussy so bad I am so horny even as i write this i am gonna have to jerk off when i am done.

singlebbwNH 58F
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8/14/2005 6:12 pm

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...that is so hot! Too bad you woke up right at the pinnacle of it all! Damn baby...LOL

rm_pooh1360 58F

9/19/2005 6:54 am

If you can write like that, i'd love to see you in action.

boysntheretoys 51F

6/11/2007 9:36 am

oh my what a delicous dream. Would love to be that bbw in the bar but we would finish the story.. Yummy

sexyvoice4you2 107F

8/20/2008 1:47 pm

I WANT YOU !!!!!!!!!!

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