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Third Input

I told myself I wouldn't make this one of those negative blogs you see all the time about how life sucks, blah blah blah, but I just have to say one thing, MOVING SUCKS! Sure it was fun the first couple of times, now its just a big hastle. But to get things back to the positive, I have one more box and a laptop table and I'm done. Actually it went by pretty quick, I moved the small stuff during the week and the larger stuff today. I moved everything myself, some dude helped me load the entertainment center but everything else was me. I'm pretty strong if I do say so myself, I would have made a good mover in another life.

Now I just have to furnish the place, I have a couple of things. I bought a new sofa and cocktail table yesterday, to be delivered Tuesday. I need a bedroom set, I think I might get a new bed too, the old one squeeks too much. Probably a new flatscreen and stereo soon. Its nice to be able to afford to furnish a place for a change.

On to sex! The book I was going to use for my Toaist sex writings is boxed up somewhere and I wanted to go into specific techniques. So, instead of going from memory and getting somebody hurt, I'll tell you a story from my sexual past.

I think I put my first sexual experience in my profile somewhere so it won't be that one..let me think..Ah I know, a public masturbation story! Ok, I don't know how to make this sound good in any way so I'll just tell you the story and you can think what you want, which will probably be that I'm a pervert, but I think I wrote that somewhere already. Also, I have never done this in public since this one time so its not a regular habit.

Ok, so I'm a freshman in college at a school that will remain nameless, cira 1993. Teenagers are really horny, at least I was, I mean I'm still horny, probably more so now, but at least now I have some self control. At any rate, I was in the school, no one else was around and I walked down a hallway that was kind of isolated. At the end of this isolated hallway was a men's bathroom. I needed to go so I went in. I was taking a piss, no one was around and for some reason I started thinking about a brunette I saw earlier that day. I got to getting an erection with what I was thinking about doing to her. What possesed me to do what I did next, I have no clue, other than I was really horny. I looked around, I had been there 5 minutes or so and hadn't heard a peep. I looked at a stall and...just...decided to go for it. I haven't discussed the act of public masterbation and I don't know how many people do it, so I just assume I'm a big pervert, but it might be very populer, who knows... Anyway, I went into the stall, shut the door, and started to diddle myself. I hadn't learned about self love at that point and was really just into going hard and fast. I squatted over the bowl and put the end of my cock in it so that when I came it would go there and not all over the stall wall. I made sure to jerk as quietly as possible, in case anyone came into the bathroom, so they wouldn't catch me. After a few minutes I came, it takes a lot of restraint to not moan when you come, I think that was the first time I really noticed that. I grabbed some TP and cleaned myself out, we uncut folk have to be careful. I then flushed the toilet, washed my hands and left the bathroom.

I'm pretty sure no one came into the bathroom while I was going at it, unless they where really quiet. As I walked out of the building, I went past a full classroom and looked at the people inside and wondered if any, or all of them, knew what I had just done, it was exciting and a little embarassing at the same time.


I got to know the angel and devil pair a little more over the following weeks. We where getting to enjoy each other's company and decided to take a drive up to Flagstaff for the day, which is about two hours North of Phoenix. I made a joking comment about how I noticed that back of my Rav4 had these hooks to tie stuff down with. I noticed the devil got excited when our conversation was about S&M so I said something about tieing her in the back while we went up there and giving her a good punishment when she misbehaved. Her personality matched the name I gave her, she loved to sass me. Anyway when I said this they both seemed to get aroused. I went further, this time a little more serious. Well, to my surprise they said that it would be fun to try something like that. We made plans to go the next day.

The next morning I drove to the girls' apartment and brought some handkerchiefs to use as rope. I had folded up the rear seats to make sure there was enough room for funny business. The angel came out first, just as we had planned, and sat in the passenger's side with a bag. She had white pants on and a short white top, showing off her cleavage. I got in the back to tie down the devil love toy. She then came out next wearing a black overcoat, heels, and dark sunglasses, per the plan. She got into the back with me and I told her that I was going to tie her down, in a stern voice, because she had been behaving badly. She wimpered to the angel who shook her head and gave the devil a frown.

The ties in the Rav4 are closer together in front than they are at the rear so she had to spread her legs a little when I tied them, this tied in perfectly with what I had in mind. When she was tied down enough so she could get out if she really wanted to I took off her overcoat and sunglasses. She was wearing black crotchless panty hose with a hole were her asshole was and a black leather brasier. I spanked her and told her she shouldn't wear naughty things like that in public. The back of my Rav4 has tinted windows fortunately for the three of us, though I think the devil wouldn't be as embarrased for some reason. At any rate, spanking her made her give out a little moan and she looked at me like I was a piece of meat.

I swallowed hard and told her I was going to blindfold her for that look she just gave me. I did and climbed to the front of the Rav4 as I passed her I made sure to rub my crotch up against her and told her if she didn't behave I was going to REALLY punish her, she gave a little whine, acting scared. When I got to the driver's seat the angel and I gave each other a smile and a nod and started our journey.

The angel and I started to talk, we always had a lot to talk about, and laugh with each other. After a while the devil started complaining about us and asking why she couldn't sit in the front seat, in a whiny voice. The angel acted angry and told her she didn't deserve to sit there because she was spoiled and needed some punishment. At this the devil acted defiant and started laughing at the angel, I gave her a look as if to say "go take care of her" and she climed into the back with a little basket of toys she had put in the bag. I heard the angel say "now you're going to get it" the devil whimpered playfully as if realizing she had gone too far. I was looking at them through the rearview mirror as I was driving and saw the angel pull out two dildos and put one into the devils crotch and one into her asshole. The angel spanked her again and told her she was bad, then started pumping the dildos hard. By this point my cock was throbbing and I had to pull it out as I was driving. I played with myself while the angel went to work on the devil.

the angel continued spanking her and telling the devil how bad and dirty she was through gritted teeth. The angel and I ocassionally made eye contact with each other and she gave me the same look the devil did earlier. I had a hard time concentrating on the road as all this was going on. After a little while the devil moaned and I knew she had a good orgasm. The angel said "There now are you going to behave?" the devil moaned a defiant no, and I knew I had to go back there and really teach her a lesson.

Per the plan I pulled over, and the angel and I switched positions. I still had my cock out and as the angel and I passed each other she gave me a little playful tug. When the angel got into the driver's seat and we took off again I slipped on a condom, all the while spanking the devil, telling her how bad and dirty she was. When we had gotten up to speed I put my cock in the devil's ass, she moaned. I had one knee to the right on the floor next to her and the other up and behind her, our bodies where parallel to each other. I held myself up with my right hand and with my left I played with her crotch, sticking a finger inside her. I started pumping her ass really hard, all the while giving her a scolding for being bad, thrusting with each word. After a few minutes I put a couple more fingers in her and I could tell it hurt her a little but she didn't give our code word to stop so I kept going, she was very defiant!

The angel and I kept making eye contact through the mirror and I saw she was playing with herself as I had been, she had grabbed one of the dildos she used on the devil before and was using it on herself, I worried about my car, but only slightly. I saw the devil's mouth go wide and I knew she was about to come, I started encouraging her telling her to take her punishment and learn a lesson. She came again and moaned really loudly. by this time the angel had pulled over and a few minutes later, she came as well.

After the angel finshed, I pulled myself out of the devil as roughly as I could to give her a reminder. I spanked her and asked her if she had learned her lesson, she nodded and looked tired and sweaty. The angel moved to the passenger's seat and I climbed up to the driver's seat giving the devil a final hard spank before doing so, she smiled a satisfied moan. When I got to the front seat, I saw the angel with her hand down her pants, she pulled it out and showed me her wet fingers and said "see what you two did to me?" I nodded and grabbed her hand. I licked her fingers, flicking my tongue between them and making eye contact with the her. I still had my condom on, she pulled it off and went to work sucking my cock. After a few minutes I came and she swallowed all of it, I could tell it was a lot too, so I was impressed at that.

She took her mouth off of my dick and gave me a playful lick at the head and put my dick away. I zippered up and started the car again. We kept on the road and stopped at the next rest stop, where I went into the back and put the devil's overcoat back on. I untied her and removed her blindfold. we got out the back and the angel and devil went into the bathroom with the bag so they could clean up and the devil could change. As they did, I fixed the back seats so the devil could sit. When they came back I said "that was fun" with a smile. They both nodded exaggerated nods, with contented smiles, and got into the car. I got in and we went on our way.

Next input: More techniques on better lovemaking, really this time, me, fantasies, and whatever else.


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