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7/18/2005 3:48 pm

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Entry 2

Ok, so I gave myself a day to digest what the hell I was doing writing my most intimate thoughts about sex and love for over a million members and counting to see. What the hell do I care? You don't know me in real life, so if you don't like it. Blogs are a strange thing, I suppose I have room to lie as much as I want without any consequences, but I'll keep everything honest.

That being written, I started getting into Taoist sex, Tantra, and other types of "Alternate sexual practices" at the end of the marriage. One of the things the wife brought up when we fought was the fact that she thought the sex was bad. I knew she was full of shit, because I made her toes curl most times we had sex, but I started looking at myself and what I might be doing wrong anyway, just in case. I picked up the book The Everythig Great Sex Book (Italics would be nice) by Suzie Heumann & Susan Campbell, Ph.D. I guess I heard about Tantric sex from that movie Go (do movies get Italics?). I mean I've been a little freaky since I could fuck, but never read a book about it. I have to admit what I've read so far has been really eye opening. Like I didn't know it was THAT easy to find the G-spot!!At any rate, I realized that it wasn't what I was doing in bed that was the problem, it was something else that I'll get to in another blog entry.

Even though I found our sex problems where another cause, I still continue to read all I can about things like Tantric sex. Another great book is The Multi-Orgasmic Man (sigh) by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams Arava, great book. The different books have different approaches. Not that I'm an expert at all, but the Taoist books I've seen seem to be more mechanical. Like for instance on guys, there's a spot between your penis and anus where if you press down with three figures you can stop yourself from cuming, but still have an orgasm. It's true, I've done it a couple of times, its kind of weird, and after you finish that way you are ready to go again almost instantly, it's really energizing. Why the hell didn't I know about this stuff before? At any rate, my goal is to be able to orgasm without cuming without the finger technique, I can't even imagine what that would be like but I think women do it a lot.

So, why the name big_draw? Well, its a technique in the second book I mentioned. I am big but I don't know how to draw so good, I write instead It's a way to stop yourself from finishing during lovemaking, and thereby getting to greater heights of sexual arousel. I won't go into it now, maybe later.

Ok, so one more thing. Remember how I said I sometimes write poetry? Well, I was reading "The Crossing" (quotes!!) by William James Austin, one of the Underworlds, and I got inspired. I am by no means religious, so don't take it that way. The formatting is a little off.

Don't let this scare you but I was thinking about God the other day.

I mean, what happened to God?
Did he go the way of the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause?
Is something that can't be proven by inductive/deductive reasoning THAT abhorrant?
When did he become he/she/if?
Do I miss him? I don't even know.

It seems to me God got replaced by other things.

Things maybe not so important.
Things like talking heads, American idols, 24x7 information.
Things that have absolutely no value.

Maybe God is in church like he used to be.
Or, maybe he never was.
No, I don't think God is there either these days.

Maybe he's easier to find..
Why do I feel like that guy in I Heart Huckabees?


So I was eating a taco for lunch outside of a taco place and these two women that looked liked the stepped out of cosmo walk by on their way to the sushi place. One had platinum blonde hair down to her shoulder's and was at least 6' tall with striking blue eyes and the other was a shorter red and brown haired beauty with piercing light brown eyes. They looked like an interesting pair, one like an angel and the other like a devil. The blonde had a short skirt showing off her long legs and what looked like a sport top showing off her nice boobs and the redhead had a longer plaid skirt, still showing a little thigh, and a black blouse, almost like a perverted version of a school girl outfit. I nodded at them as they walked in, the angel smiled at me, the devil glared at me, not in a mean way.

After my taco I got up and went to see a movie, as I walked past the suhsi place I peeked in to see the two women. The angel facing me and the devil with her back to me, the blonde said something to the devil and she turned around and gave me that same look again. I smirked back and went on my way. After the movie I walked past a bar on the way to my car and saw the two women sitting outside at a table. There was one more seat open, right between them. They waved at me and I walked on over. I looked at the angel and gave her a warm hello, then I looked at the devil and asked her we she kept glaring at me like that with mock annoyance. She said " I always look at hot guys like that", I said "Oh, well thank you. You two are pretty hot yourselves". The angel offered me a seat and I obliged, we had a few drinks together, talked a while, and somehow manaaged a trip back to my place. I pulled out my bottle of Jack to continue the libations in my living room. An hour or so later they reveiled to me that they had done stuff to each other, coyishly I said "Oh? I don't believe you." Then the devil starts to kiss the angel and they start moaning and feeling each other up. By this point I'm getting horny, about to realize every gus dream, and I ask if I can join in. They say "No" to my shock and dismay but they would allow me to watch and I could play with myself if I wanted. Being that I had notheing btter to do withmy hands I pulled my pants down and started to stroke myself as I watched them. From what I could tell both of them came a couple of times. When I finally did some of it squirted on them and they rubbed it on each other. After everyone caled down, I asked why they didn't let me join them, and they said that they didn't know me well enough but after a few more times they would, I stifled a schoolgirl laugh and said "Ok, I understand, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for you both to feel comfortable". I'm such a gentleman More to cum soon.

Next entry: More techniques for better lovemaking, more on me of course, more fantasies, NOT another poem, and whatever else.


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