sleep...or not  

bicuriousfemal23 33M/34F
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3/27/2006 12:32 am
sleep...or not

I just want to get some sleep. i hate having insomnia. It sucks. It could be worse, i could go more days without sleep than what i do. the lack of sleep is starting to effect my life. I'm not concentrating on things like i should and when i do sleep, i crash. That happened Thursday night and i forgot to turn the one the stove top eyes off. Luckily, it was on low so nothing happened to terrible besides a burned pot but it was still scary when i woke up the next morning. Hubby didn't even notice it when he left for work Friday morning. I talked to my mom 4 straight days last week and i could only remember talking to her that Monday. Somehow i forgot three days worth of conversation. i haven't even worked out the last week and a half because i can't sleep. I do have sleeping pills that i occasionally take(once or twice every few months) but i don't want to take those. I'm scared that i might become dependent. so i don't sleep.

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