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4/20/2006 4:40 pm

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I don't know about you... but I've got my own definition of certain things. It's interesting the type of people who send me notes. I don't mind younger men. Really. In some ways, younger men are fun. But there's younger and then there's YOUNGer.

There was a young man who wrote me and was very solicitous. "I like older women." Well... that's nice. I see his age. He's 19.

I have nothing against 19 year olds, but uhm... well, I'm old enough to be his mom. For me, this is not hot. Maybe some women find this to be a real turn on, almost like tasting the forbidden... but for me, I'm turned on by conversation, mutual interests, interesting discussions, learning, traveling, expanding my horizons.

I used to have a friend sort of like I'm looking for... he was really smart, well-read, liked to talk about music, politics, religion, books, history. We spent months talking and entertaining each other in many ways. He's a nice guy but it was never right to move past "amusing each other." He was younger than me, but not young enough to be my kid.

As a full time student I often talk to 19 year olds and I think most of them are cute, but goofy. I'm flattered but I don't know... I can't bring myself to consider it.

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4/20/2006 5:29 pm

Happy 420!

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4/22/2006 4:31 pm

Interesting reading your perspective about the younger folks...feel the same way about younger ladies...just a difference in perspective about what "younger" means...from my vantage point you are just at the boundary of being too young...
...there is a point somewhere in the time line where a person has grown up enough to have a few battle scars and wisdom, yet still young enough in attitude to want to experience new things, take prudent risks, andlive life as the adebture it is.
...I am not into women who are close in age to my daughter...feels really really wrong. And the physicality is kind of like a plastic doll to me...not real.
...think I'm going to have to give up smoking to meet anyone live.
(ps I'm just sort of over the hill from you. literally and otherwise. is your countryside about to burn up like ours is in Santa Cruz County?)

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