I'm doing it wrong...  

bi1curiousgrrrl 50F
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4/19/2006 3:13 am
I'm doing it wrong...

I realized after a nice couple wrote me that I may have been inaccurate in articulating what I want. In my efforts to feel more comfortable, because I feel really awkward and completely out of any comfort zone, I've been coming across like I want to be someone's or some couple's girlfriend. That's really not it at all... friends, yes.... feeling less awkward, yes... their girlfriend.... NO! I don't need that mess. If we happen to be friends, it just seems to me that when I'm feeling completely stupid or fumbling, that I won't be laughed at or later feel like I can't look them in the eye. Doing anything outside of your normal comfortable routine is already putting yourself out there... couple that with sex and it can make for some real weirdness. I'm simply trying to avoid that. I realize now in my efforts to feel less weird, I've made some mistakes in expressing myself. Oh well... either they understand how I could have made that mistake and we can laugh about it or it wasn't right to begin with.

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