Lustful Sexual Desires today...  

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4/2/2005 2:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lustful Sexual Desires today...

It's Saturday. Rainy, cloudy dreary and my desire, my need, my lustful fantasies are woefully in need of sexual gratification. And reading some of the blogs here, I wonder...

I've had some wonderful lovers in the past, my english teacher, my secretary, my niece (yes lord knows we couldn't help ourselves), my neighbors wife. (sigh), all were deliciously satisfying and mutually enjoyed.

Today I realized that at this moment in time in my life, I am again 'in need' and searching for someone who would like to experience unabashed raw hot sweaty sex! But while my thoughts have drifted down this lustful path, I've focused more often than not on my absolutely gorgeous step daughter and her best friend. "Oh gosh" my body shudders pleasantly at the thought.

She, her friend and I have all seen each other naked before, we've just never made full sexual contact (yet). We've kissed, we've held each other and "Oh god" I ache to fuck them so deep and hard. Over and over again. Both are married, both are very flirtatious and love to show off their physical attributes. It drives me absolutely lustfully crazy when they are around. (sigh) only if.

I noticed today my 17 year old step daughter as she stepped out of the shower. Quite a beautiful young girl she is. I enjoyed the view, but felt none of the physical attraction or desire I have for her older sister. It was a pleasant point to an otherwise dreary day though.

What is that old song? "Thank Heaven for little girls" for they all grow older one day .

Ah well... guess I'll go, tuck away my desires for now, and dream about my 'undercover lover', wherever she may be.

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