Hello Buffalo, and Welcome  

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3/15/2006 7:33 am

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Hello Buffalo, and Welcome

Hey Buffalo: I just posted my profile yesterday. I am not new to the site but I am new as a paid member. I have a lot of fantasies and passions, but I didn't want to list them all at the start, afraid that if I were too inclusive it wouldn't seem like I knew what I wanted. So I started by saying that I like fat women, and I like to grab them and tell them they are fat. I find it very sexy to grab a handful of chubby flesh and call a woman a fat bitch while she rides me. It is right on, I tell you, try it.

Problem is, I bet that turns off a lot of women. So please, give me some thoughts...BBW's out there, would you put up with that kind of talk? Or do I need to be on alt.com? Guys, any luck in this direction?

In case you are interested, my other interests are petite asian ladies, grandmothers (60+), and adding to my personal porn collection. More on those later.

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