Feeling kind of flush right now.  

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1/31/2006 2:12 pm

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Feeling kind of flush right now.

First I want to say Thank You to all Albertans for working so hard and making the Hertiage Trust Fund so big that our Illustrious Leader felt compelled to give some back.

I only have one child and no husband but that $800 I got in the mail yesterday came in damn handy.

Bills to pay....a new car I have to start making payments on as of February 17.....(6 years and no payment and I do this to myself now?)...Visa and Mastercard are a bit too high after the holiday season......so yeah....nice to be a bit flush right now with cash.

I am not thanking our Premier for this money as it is OUR money anyway. Sure my grandparents also paid into it and they are gone (on my mother's side) but I am also including them in my thanks.

It said on the little note that this is a "one time" payment. One time? After paying every man, woman and child in Alberta $400 each and STILL putting money in the HTF how can this be one time? Sure we are not Alaska but dammit we deserve to get something back from a Conservative government who is selling off our finanical freedom one piece at a time.

The Alberta Government in all their wisdom (not the opposition) want to make our health care system just like America's. Private. Look at where is has gotten the Americans. People are in debt up to their eyeballs over a broken leg or having a baby. Rancher's losing their land that has been in their family for three and four generations over cancer treatments for a spouse.

How is this supposed to be better? Oh, well if you can not afford to pay for private then you can always use the public system.

But......um.......I don't understand....we have that NOW......and does anyone think that it will be THAT easy to say "Um...I don't have the money right now so instead of paying can I just use the public system today?"

Nooooooo....they will try to get all the cash out of you that they can.....make you take out a second and third mortgage and sell them your first born to pay instead of letting you use a system that you opted out of to join Mr. I-am-not-an-alcoholic-because-I-only-drink-beer on his wild ride down the crapper.

He is going to allow doctors to work publically AND privately which is a direct violation of the Canada Health Act....I'll say that again....a direct violation of the Canada Health Act.

Now if you or I are "in direct violation" of anything we get arrested and carted off somewhere. Is this what is going to happen to The Captain of Alberta? Like my friend Angelo says "whatEver". There may be a small fuss and then the Commander of Canada will step in and things will change and everything will be hunky dory.


I am not looking forward to the dehumanization of the health care system as we know it. I have never believed that people should be for profit. Cars, chocolate bars and full length mink coats.......yes.......you and me and the children...NO.

I say we need to take a stand and say NO...No more for profit healthcare. Spend our money on US. We worked for it...we built up the HTF....it is ours.....now gimme, gimme, gimme.




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