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Guess I should post something sooner or later...I dont know what so this will have to do for now.....

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........I do know what to write about!!!!

Ok, its not shock I play online poker (a lot...too much really...ok all the freaking time) and Ive met and befriended quite a few people..some single some married but whatever. We play poker and chat and shit.

Anyway, someone I consider a good friend because we have a lot in common as well as a similar belief system was spending more time playing poker then paying attention to his wife.

It was a bad relationship and if you knew the details youd agree so he was "hiding" from her with poker and rye.

A few of us poker buds are also on myspace and one day three of us all get friend invites from "Jessica" no pic and little detail. She specifically targetted my friend.

He was suspicious but after a while started reponding to her constant emails. They lived in the same area and agreed to meet for a drink. She invited him to her place for more drinks and to listen to music but wanted to go ahead to straighten up.

He waited...called a couple of no answer and went home. The next day he phones his wife at work and she says "How the fuck was Jessica last night?"

She got a neighbour of her mom's to pose as Jessica to "see how far he'd go".

Now this pisses me off to no end. If you think someone is cheating confront them or hire a PI but dont set your mate up for failure and then throw it in their face when they fall for it. He says nothing would have happened he was just meeting her for drinks and music.

Now I know there will a lot of eye rolling over that but if you knew him you'd believe him. He wanted a distraction not an affair. So now he cant trust her, she cant trust him and who's fault is it he met "Jessica" in the first place?

He wasnt actively seeking to meet anyone...he was happy sitting at home on the computer playing online poker, chatting and drinking rye and water. Why did she have to invent a mistress?

Whew...glad I got that out. Anyway...if you have any thoughts on it let me know. If not...oh well..

Talk to ya'll later. Happy hunting




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9/5/2006 8:42 pm

I just came by to say "hi"...I hope all is well with you!

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