A player...or was it me?  

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12/19/2005 10:56 am

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A player...or was it me?

I have been a member here for a while but only active the last couple, three months....life and lack of interest kept me away.....

Anyway I have met a lot of nice people...male and female who are good to chat with and a couple of people I would consider friends...well as much as they can be in cyberspace.

Anyway, this is my story of one of the first men I "met" when I came back...

I had been chatting with a few guys...normal stuff and checking out who was checking me out and one guy's name stood out as it was different, if misspelled.

Well he winked, but I never winked back...yet...was thinking about it....I was in a chat room as I was considering and suddenly he was in there trying to get my attention. We moved to MSN and talked.

He seemed cool. Interesting guy, local, intelligent...everything a person looks for....ok, maybe just me.

Anyway after a couple of days he was wondering if I was into three ways and would I be interested in us hooking up and if it worked we could come on AdultFriendFinder as a couple etc.

I passed it off as the boldness of hiding behind a computer screen. I know I tend to be bolder when I know no one can see my face.

We chatted for a few days and like I said he was intelligent and we had great conversations about politics, literature, music and of course what we want sexually. I actually felt an immediate bond with him....guess because he had a ticket in the same trade as five other members of my family so there was a built-in comfort.

He had also said he didn't want someone who would have multiple partners so I was turning down other prospects as I am not looking for several men anyway.

We arranged to meet when I was in the city. I was looking forward to it when he emailed me the night before and said he couldn't do it for "moral reasons".

Beleive me, I was all, "WTF!!! YOU are the one looking for three ways and talking sex, sending me penis pix and stuff." But, okay, he was nervous.

I got to the city (had to go for a business meeting anyway) and went online in my hotel room and he came on and apologized and we arranged to meet for coffee the next day. Cool. Let's slow it down a bit. I had no problem with that.

After my meeting I killed some time and then called him at the designated time and got his voice mail. I waited a bit and called again. Phone was off. I left a message saying he could have a least had the courtesy of letting me know he couldn't meet me especially since I left a message the first time telling him my cell number.

I went home thinking "What a jerk." He IM'd me that night and said we must have gotten our wires crossed, he had to work late. "Yeah, right," I was thinking but for some reason I again let it slide.

The weekend passed, we IM'd a couple of times and on the monday I came online to check my email and he IM'd me...we chatted for a couple of minutes then I had to leave for a meeting.

Tuesday comes and I check AdultFriendFinder and see he's online. Hmmmmmm.........so I popped into the chat room he was in and he was all "I have to go" as soon as he saw me come in.

He then emailed me saying I was being too pushy.

ME? I was not the one who brought up the three way stuff, I wasn't the one who initiated contact. I was honest and told him what I wanted. I usually don't IM people right away when I see them online...let them contact me if they want to chat...hate to interrupt them, so he would always start the conversations.

Now I have noticed that he has deleted his account. If he's gone or changed his username under a new account I don't know.

So I guess I am looking for some feedback here.....was it me? Or is he a player?

It's not like I would give him a second chance or anything........I just think he was a jerk with what he said and how he went about it.





jukeboxhero61 57M

2/2/2006 6:49 am

hon he was probably scared or married or both-been there done that, unfortunately. but definately not worth worrying about eithere way-you never come across as pushy.

benibluetwo 48F

2/2/2006 3:53 pm

Thanks juke.......I appreciate you saying that. As a P.S. to this saga....he emailed me just after Christmas saying happy holidays and such. I politely emailed him back telling him the same thing.




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