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5/11/2006 6:35 pm

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Erotic Art

During my favorite Art History Class, I fell in love with a 'real life' but completely inanimate sculpture. Yes, I did say Sculpture.
Now, I had unnatural and incredibly delicious fantasies based on something totally unreal--and (completely hunky!). Here is some info in regards to one of many ridiculous crushes!

"The statue known as the Barberini Faun or Sleeping Satyr is 215 cm long and made from marble. It was carved by an unknown sculptor, possibly Praxiteles, and dates from approximately 220 BCE. Currently it is located in the Glyptothek museum in Munich, Germany. Although some scholars have asserted that the statue is an original Hellenistic work, most people believe that it is a later Roman copy of a Hellenistic Greek original. The statue was found in Hadrian’s Mausoleum in Rome in the 17th century."

The Barberini Faun is a Gigolo

"First, my favorite of all sculptures, the "Barberini Faun" or "Sleeping Satyr", now in the collection of the Glyptothek in M√ľnchen, Germany. This sculpture was found hidden in the Mausoleum of Hadrian in the 17th century. This masterpiece is larger than life, and it was carved about 200 B.C., in one of of the post-Alexandrine kingdoms in the Eastern Mediterranean, most likely at Antioch in Syria.The sculpture seems quite innocent and only mildly titillating from that demure angle, but consider what it looks like from a markedly different perspective:When seen from this angle, the lazy, languid pose of the anonymous Hellenistic hunk emphasizes the highly charged erotic content of this marble block of beefcake; its blunt message seems obvious to the sensitive and receptive viewer. The Barberini Faun is the oldest surviving example of monumental homoerotic art in existence.

I have always suspected that the Barberini Faun was carved by a great, gay sculptor, on commission from some lustful dirty old man of lucullan wealth who wanted a spectacular souvenir of his all-time favorite call boy during what I shall euphemistically describe as "those sublime moments after".

To put it another way, the sculptor of the Barberini Faun was the Robert Mapplethorpe of his era."

Homoerotic or not...I still to this day, want

(Princess Lips)

5/13/2006 1:25 am

hunky art rocks...

*welcome hugs*


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