Another day in paradise  

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1/19/2006 10:52 am

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Another day in paradise

It is a crazy world. I mean yesterday I thought the reception area in the vet clinic where I work was filled with 'loudmouthed maniacs' who were there only to make trouble, yell about the bill and be obnoctious. Today as I was busy sorting a few bills out, I suddenly looked up at a woman standing on the other side of the counter ever so quiet with a flower in her hand.

I recognised her as the English Lady we had just recently helped getting her cat's papers all in order for it to travel back to the UK.

She smiled at me, reached across the counter and gave me the flower and a box of chocolate hearts. As the receptionist, I am often handed gifts for the different vets working at the clinic, so I waited for her to tell me for whom it was for.

She kept smiling and then she said; Thank you so much for all your help. These are for you.

For a moment I was stunned.

I walked around the counter and stood next to her and asked why she gave me these gifts? She said; Well, you saw to it that all the papers were here. You squeezed us in when there really was no time. You pleaded with the vet and you wouldn't give up and you gave us the best service ever possible...

I hugged her.

I love my job.

I have been here for four years and I love every day of it, but today was special and I will never forget Elisabeth. She, who saw me, Recognised my work and told me I was good at what I was doing.

It wasn't as bad today. When I got back home from my aerobic class, I made myself a light dinner, lit a few candles and relaxed. I switched off my mobile and told myself that I really don't have to 'be available' to all and everyone all the time.

I don't feel such 'cravings' for 'him' either. My mind hasn't been on 'him' all day.

An 'old lover' called last night and I was really 'naughty'... He said he would drive up to the flowershop and pick me up...
I didn't show up. I don't like being taken for granted. The new Bella.. making her own decisions and not always being so easy to reach.

And he whispered to me in the darkness as we lay together,
”Tell me where to touch you so that I can drive you insane,
tell me where to touch you to give you ultimate pleasure,
tell me where to touch you so that we will truly own each other.”
And I kissed him softly and whispered back,
”Touch my mind.”

Hej då...

fantasylover_05 63M

1/19/2006 12:01 pm


First.... it is truly amazing when someone recognizes and acknowledges what we do everyday in our lives!! Somehow I sense that you are indeed the type to go the extra mile for people!

Secondly.... I commend you on taking care of YOURSELF.. I suspect that is not the norm for you... I suspect you spend much more time taking care of others than yourself.. and it is truly important to remember you are worth it!

Lastly... I love that saying!!! Physicality is easy... to touch someone so deeply is incredible!

I do wish you the absolute best of luck!!

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