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1/26/2006 2:31 pm

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Fueled by some reminiscing done over by 1hotwahine's blog; I have begun to think about other things. Specifically what is comfortable in relationships.

I guess there are a number of things that you can tick off: from scents, to looks, or even tastes. But this post is about the comfort found when someone you really care about touches you.

Two touches come to mind. The first has to do with something very cute. I was cooking for the person I was dating, and they took the time to come behind and touch my shoulders. But that was just the start of what was so comfortable, they filled my personal space pressing their nipples against my back and formed into me. What a fantastic feeling of just being warmed from their figure inwards to my very core. That memory lingers in my mind and makes me shiver every time.

The second experience is making out under the stars. We were just getting to know each other and there was light touching between words and kisses. However each kiss was being dragged out and deepening so I recall feeling my lips were so sensitive. At that time she chose to explore my chest; taking them fully into her hands and squeezing. What was so comfortable about this experience was her amazement at the strenght she found through my garments. She grew aware of my masculinaty and it reassured me that I could protect her.

In hindsight, I recognize what I am really treasuring in each touch is the intimacy the jesture created in my mind. The companion that shared those touches with me really cherished me and I felt honoured. I guess in many ways this is my praise to them.

Would you tell me about a touch where you felt treasured or honoured?

saddletrampsk 55F

1/28/2006 4:31 pm

I love big strong bear hugs where I can melt into my man's chest..makes me feel so loved and protected..

beewulf9 39M

1/29/2006 4:14 pm

Saddle... yeah! When I feel my partner settle further into me during a bear hug really sets off some warm cuddly feelings.

Oh wow Lioness... I will leave your secret here for others to find, but dear God that is a delicious experience. May your partner be attentive and share those touches often with you. And thank you for welcoming me back to blogging.


ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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1/29/2006 10:20 pm

i have enjoyed the touch of intimacy when it is simple. a sweet kiss in passing, a stroke of my hair as he walks by, a sensual pat on the butt in the grocery store. those types of quick reaffirming unexpected touches i love them.

Fox4aKnight1 44F

1/29/2006 11:20 pm

jeesh all that sounds good ......lets see hmm what is mine, when My hair is finger combed. Either unconciously or they do it on purpuse.

LOL I still can't spell lol

beewulf9 39M

1/30/2006 9:29 pm

Dear Snatch, those simple touches are magical and convey so much. Yes, I know the feeling.

Dear Fox, I wish those touches upon you. May your knight be attentive to you and to the texture of your hair.

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