Tell me a story, Part II  

bedroomice2003 45M
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8/6/2006 1:14 am

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12/11/2007 1:17 am

Tell me a story, Part II

Your body is thrown back from the force of my thrusts like waves crashing against the rocks and you desperately wrap your legs around my waist to keep from breaking away. Gentle discovery gave way to gaping hunger; what was once gentle became violent and unrelenting animalism. Clawing at your skin, consuming you like flame you growled and panted as each wave rippled through you. Your body shook and convulsed as I drove deeper inside you, splitting you open and accepting me entirely, swallowing my passion. Your eyes implored me and your lips cried out, begging me to fuck you harder. Just as your desire began to overtake you, I froze suddenly and felt you clench around me, pulsating like an electric current which alternately gripped and released my hardness still buried deep within you, riding out each contraction until your orgasm subsided and your body went limp from exhaustion.

Resting inside you for several minutes, our hearts pound in unison as we struggle to catch our breath. Slowly withdrawing from your wetness, I teasingly rub the head of my cock against your throbbing clit. “Not fair,” you exclaim, still reeling from the aftershock, but powerless to protest too much.

Anyone care to finish this story?

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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8/18/2006 10:06 am

You know I'd love to finish that story ... but I'd prefer to do it in person.

I pull you close to me for a passionate kiss, proving to you that I am not ready to have you leave my body just yet. The head of your cock tickles my clit exciting me, enticing me to thrust against you. I shift my hips upward gently easing your shaft back inside, feeling it grow harder and thicker within my walls. You begin to stroke slow and deep, pushing out any and all resistance from my body. I clench around you, my legs holding you deep inside of me as you pound harder and faster. My moans reverberating off of the ceiling and walls around us. My body shakes nad trembles with the flood of another oragasm and you continue to push through it, feeling me tighten and squeeze around you. My wetness flowing over your rock hard cock. Panting and breathless, I beg you to cum for me, to fill me with your heated passion. With powerful thrusts you, drive deeper still, causing me to howl in ecstasy. Oh honey, please let me feel you. The throbbing of your cock inside of me overwhelms me as you unleash an explosion of cum inside of me. My legs and pussy wrap around you so tightly you cannot move for a moment. Together we collapse into the sheets. Satisfied and exhausted.

... so where are you baby?


bedroomice2003 replies on 8/22/2006 12:30 am:
Your pussy is still pulsing around me, afraid to let go, weeping at the pleasure it commanded inside you and desperately begging for more. Even its cool stillness sends shivers down your spine as you stroke it lovingly back to life, fearing its demise as it lays still buried deep inside you, until a spark of electricity ignites the two great pools of our mutual climax into a burning flame and you feel me begin to stir again. My hardness reaches deeper and touches you in places you only dreamed possible as you quickly realize that the night is only just beginning.

I am here baby, inside you where I belong.

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

8/20/2006 6:56 pm

I decided that the rough-ness shouldn't end there. I decide that being a naughty whore is actually fun and then take your rock hard dick into my mouth. I move your hands over my back and up to my hair letting you know that I want you to take two hands full. Then, moving back and forth, you understand that I want you to fuck my mouth. Forcing my mouth up and down on your dick, my other hands move around it and around your balls.....caressing them...

You start getting harder and your dick starts moving faster. My tounge floats around in my mouth moving all around your dick, waiting eagerly to taste you. I want you to explode into my mouth. I want to drink your cum.

With low moan, you release into my mouth and continue to move my head back and forth.

Now do we take a break and continue, or do we end for the night?


Always The Bitch

bedroomice2003 replies on 8/22/2006 1:07 am:
Take it all, princess. Your beautiful eyes water as my hard cock slides further down your throat. Grasping your hair like a golden rein, I choreograph your movements, directing your body to accept me completely until you feel the first hot surge filling you, shuddering inside you as you struggle to hold it there until I’m finished. Releasing me and taking a gasp of air you are astonished to find me still spasm, coating your wet lips. Little do you know an Angel is coming up from behind you, rubbing your swollen cheeks and causing you to jump until a familiar tongue lashes at your throbbing clit. As you spin around and smile to find our mutual friend nuzzling her face across your tender flesh, I sit down opposite you and stroke myself to firmness again, eagerly anticipating the night ahead.

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