I felt so used  

bedroomice2003 45M
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6/27/2006 2:59 pm

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5/3/2012 5:45 pm

I felt so used

The floor dipped and swayed as though we were adrift on a tiny lifeboat, holding onto the railing for sweet life. Rocking gently back and forth, your hips wrapped tightly around my waist in anticipation of the wave, steadying yourself against the pulsating current deep within you. Leaning forward to kiss me, your long hair rained down on my skin and draped my face until the only thing I could see were your searching eyes staring back at me and beneath them a wildfire consuming everything in its path. Your eyes told me not to move, and my body obeyed your unspoken command.

Surrendering myself to you has never been a problem before, but there was a new intensity in your face that I couldn’t ignore. My body was no longer my own: I was your plaything. My legs curled beneath you and my arms were useless, unable to guide you as your curves rose and fell on top of me, raising yourself as high as you could possibly go and then crashing down hard, forcing me deeper inside you with each downward thrust. Pressing the palms of your small hands against my chest, you balanced yourself on top of me as if suspended on a high wire and took what you wanted. Your soft breasts taunted me as they followed your movements, bobbing up and down with the image of your loveliness burning into my memory, and as I reached out to caress them, you gripped my wrists and pinned them to the bed, reasserting who was in charge. Good boy, you told me as I put up little resistance.

When I came you were on the upswing and my cock rested just on the outside, the head barely concealed by your warm embrace as the force of my orgasm coated your clit and ricocheted off your warm walls, triggering your own shuddering climax. I watched as your spasms pushed me out and the hot cream flowed out of you and onto my stomach.

I felt so used. It was beautiful.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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6/28/2006 2:45 pm

oooohhh sweetie, that was yummy!


bedroomice2003 45M

6/29/2006 3:09 am

mzhunyhole, why thank you dear.

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