Hotel Sex Part 2  

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Hotel Sex Part 2

It was one of those large, multistory hotels. Hardly five star, but we weren't interested in amenities, only each other. The front desk clerk sighed at our approach. If he only had a nickel for every time a couple would arrive unannounced with no luggage in the early afternoon while most of the rooms were still being cleaned, he would be a very wealthy man. The only room available was on the smoking floor on the top level of the hotel. All the others were still being cleaned, and he called in to the crew on his walkie-talkie in Spanish asking them if they had finished. Receiving the response he needed, he processed our room key cards. Check-out was set for 11.00 am.

Her face was flushed from the excitement and she fidgeted in the elevator, visibly shaking and biting her lip. We weren't alone in the elevator, so we struggled to maintain our composure. One of the elevator passengers, a bearded middle-aged man, looked at her and she smiled at him nervously. As he stepped out of the elevator onto his floor, he paused and looked back at us, a devilish smile escaped his face as the doors closed. Finally alone, I pulled her waist close to me and let my hands roam across her hips. The tension had become unbearable, and we wondered how long it would take to reach our floor. Time expanded and seconds became hours.

Room 1207. It took four attempts to unlock the door with the key card, but once finally unlocked, my heart pounded as we crossed the threshold and closed the door behind us. Drawing every curtain closed our bodies finally met each other. Our kisses were frantic, probing and hot. Her lips tasted sweet and our tongues danced and teased each other. Wrapping my arms around her and grabbing hold of her ass, she took hold of my arm and guided my hand down toward her thighs and then - quite unexpectedly - slipped my fingers into her pants, brushing my fingers against her soft mound. She was unbelievably wet.

Smiling mischievously, she spoke. "Just thought you should know what you're getting yourself into."

To be continued . . .

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