It is just annoying  

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5/21/2006 10:11 pm

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4/22/2007 10:19 am

It is just annoying

One of the more interesting aspects of the internet is the ability to meet and talk with people from all over the world.However, one of the more annoying parts of the net is the scammers and con artists that have made this communication medium their own.I offer as exhibit A,the Russian mail order bride scam.

Firstly,let me preface this by admiting, I have a serious Russian jones.I have a degree in soviet studies and a library of Russian material that is almost frightening.History, literature,biography, there is not much of the Russian culture I haven't at least a nodding acquintance with.Which makes the number of scammers that much more annoying, because I know what Russians beleive and how they behave, it was my area of study back at University.

It is flattering when some alleged twenty something hard body writes to a Wyoming ridge runner like myself.And the photos they send,though doubtfully authentic,are awe inspiring. There is something about Slavic women that is nearly Pavlovian in its ability to make me a drooling idiot. I am not sure if it is the face, the eyes,or just the total package of racial diversity,but Slavics have a hook deep in my soul. Which is what makes the scam all that much more irritating.

In the past year,I have had correspondance with a dozen alleged Russian women, and they all follow the same pattern.The first few letters are informative and modest, but within a week, they begin "falling in love " with me.The worst ones will never answer a direct question nor will they give you a full name.But,it always works out that within two weks,they have declared their undying love and want to fly to Wyoming to meet me.Do I have "FOOL" tattooed on my forehead?(No, I have Marvin the Martian tattooed on my ankle,but that was another tale all togather.)Of course, regardless of where in Russia they pretend to live,they have a complete list of visa, passport,airfares, and other expenses that they need to cover before they can come and "offer their all" to me in connubial bliss.Unfortuantely,I have friends that work in Immigration and Customs Enforcement and there have been new regulations passed just this past April, which has not made the rounds of the former Soviet Union yet.But, said regs would be carefully explained to any legitimate person applying for a visa at the embassy in Moscow.

It really is funny when they tell me they love me before they even tell me their full name, or when they slip and sign a letter with the wrong name.One genius even managed to address a letter to me, but the content refered to another guy.Cut and paste letters and they don't really pay much attention to what they are doing.

And then they wonder why the Federal government found it necessary to write new legislation making it more difficult for foreign woman, especially from the former Soviet Union, the Phillipines and China to get visas to come to America.It is not a matter of racism on our part as it is, the feds are just tired of having to prosecute the large number of scammers siphoning money out of the pockets of dumb American men.Russia will not prosecute the perps at all,but since they are using Western Union in their transfers, it becomes a serious American problem.The Russian bride scam is one of the largest sources of hard currency into the Soviet states and the money wired DAILY amounts to several million dollars.

I find it amusing to read their letters and look for the mistakes. It is very much like my exercises back in grad school,when I used to read Pravda and look for the lies.In the worst days of the Cold War,the KGB used to utilize "Swans" and Swallows".These were very useful operatives with one marketable talent,sexuality. Swans were the male operatives, so named for their "elegance", and Swallows were female operatives, so named because they did...swallow.At one time, said operatives were used to compromise a target with illicit sex and then to turn that person as an agent.Today, the game is even more interesting as the same tactics are used to get large amounts of cash out of some idiot's account.

Only in the new game,no actual physical contact is ever made, it is all electronic messaging and photographs.It really does not make the experiance anymore pleasant when every single woman writing follows almost the same plan of action, even down to the "little confessions" of indiscretions or behavior unbecoming to a lady that they "let slip" in a letter. But, it all works out the same, within two weeks of initial contact,the plea for money is made.

Sometimes, it really isn't worth the trouble to interact with the human race in any way. But,after dealing with a dozen of these wonderful women in the past year, and having four of them writing to me at the same time, I am ready to pull the plug on the computer, curl up in my easy chair with a big thick book,and let the entire human race line up single file to kiss my rosy red irish ass. The one charecteristic I demand from a relationship is trust, if I can't trust a person, I really do not need them around.Each one of these scammers erodes that trust in humanity just a bit more, until the ediface falls into gravel and dust.Which is a pity, because just one truly honest one would rebuild that same trust back to the idealistic and romantic young fool I once was, some quarter centuary ago.I am not holding my breath.

redmustang91 58M  
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5/21/2006 10:59 pm

I exchange greetings with distant women, but seek a local lady for real fun so I don't waste time on Russian scam artists...

rm_bedlemprime 57M
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5/22/2006 10:28 pm

hell, they come looking for me.But, it does remind me of those fun days of college when the EvilEmpire was the only threat to democracy. I do miss those simpler times.

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