Thrilling chase, man was he good at it  

beautifuljinx 31F
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8/4/2006 12:18 am

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8/7/2006 3:17 pm

Thrilling chase, man was he good at it

His hands, good lord his hands. How can a man have such wonderful hands, they trace my curves beautifully and everything in-between are yearning for that touch. He not only communicates his lust with hands but with his eyes also. They pull at me with such need and want I love feeling so devoured with is eyes and he hasn’t even touched me in a so called sensual place yet, but oh how I have learned that a skim on the hip and light touch behind the ear can be as much as a turn on as anything else erotic. Maybe it’s the build up, maybe is the excitement of learning just how this man will feel when we are naked, hip to hip, legs to legs, and lips to sensational lips that keep me wanting and hotter than never before. Boy does he take it slow, I am almost begging for those lips on a man with a hard lined jaw and a slightly large nose. I, after all, could never go for a regular pretty faced man, there has to be something different something rugged oh, so very much a man. He sweeps me around on the dance floor turning me to face him, I gently sway to the music and draw nearer. His green eyes are set off from dark hair that has gotten into his eyes and I gently move his hair back and lean forward and take the initiative, I kiss his nose and breath in deeply and then, I smile a charmingly wicked smile and start to nibble his lower lip until he wants me just as bad as I want him. I back away after all he enjoyed the chasing before and start to walk away, but before I am out of reach he grabs my arm, and pulls me around, his tongue I learn is just as nice as his lips combining for a deadly combination. The kiss continues for the right amount of time to where I would think he was in my trap and that tonight would be the night I would go home with him. But, nonetheless he pulls back and smiles and winks. He eyes shine mischievously, “Goodnight, and see you Saturday.” Hmm, curse that man, he knows I am in the palm of his hand, yet he continues to taunt me, well next time he won’t get loose. “Goodnight handsome, this chase has just begun.” I grab his shirt and pull him forward roughly and grab is semi hard crotch, and he becomes increasingly larger, “Sweet Dreams, and I know they will be,” my right side of my lip lifts into an arrogant half cocky smile for I have won this round and know we will both love the 9th round. I turn and walk away with a confident step in my hills and body hugging short red dress. At the door I turn my head and with my hair flying over my shoulder I wink and leave through the restaurant’s door

pleasureyourclit 67M
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8/7/2006 1:01 pm

yep have to agree ladies ..something about slow soft caresses that bring out the desire... sweet dreams

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