Bower Bird Behavior  

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9/9/2006 7:00 pm
Bower Bird Behavior

It seems to me that writing a profile on a site like this is not that different from the behavior of the bowerbird of Australia. The male of this bird (some species are found in New Guinea, as well) builds an elaborate structure, called a bower, to display himself to the female. It is not a nest–the female, after mating will build that herself and leave the male to try to score with other compliant females–sort of like Hugh Hefner’s dream of what a man should live like, I reckon.

In the case of this site, the activity, on the part of both sexes seems to me to be similar, though I hope none of us is labeled a bird for it. Take me for instance; since I can’t generalize about you, I can at least start where I’m not likely to be contradicted. I wrote a profile that candidly stated what I am and what I want. Of course, in doing that brevity would have been better served by saying something like–“married fellow, smart, successful and nice, getting toward his 60’s, though still young, healthy, viral, wants to meet woman or women who are also married, or attached for extra marital sex. Please be smart and interesting, not too fat, and in my general geographic area.”

I may have left a few essentials out of that, but you see what I mean. My profile, if you were to view it (and surprisingly few people who read this have gone to see my profile, I wonder how common that is) goes to much greater lengths to convey that kernel of information. It also has a photo, of my head and face to let viewers determine where I fall on the lump to hunk spectrum. As to that, I have my own unflattering suspicions; you can keep any unkind judgments to yourself, if you don’t mind.

My point is I go to really pretty good length to try to present myself as I see me. Many of us do–some men and women provide photos that leave so little to the imagination that I wonder if people have lost their taste for a little mystery. But I think cases like those actually prove my point as well. The profile for the man is a way of displaying what makes him attractive to women. In some cases he shows his erect penis. He may do this because he thinks it’s the only thing about him that can be attractive to a woman, or because he thinks that’s all women are interested in, or because he is only interested in women who are only interested in that. There is also the special case of the man so gaudily endowed, with such a superabundance of blessing in that department that he just feels like showing off–who can blame him. I am not the proud possessor of a 10” cock. My life might be different if it were. But my equipment, though it may push past the upper limits of average isn’t what I want people to think of as what makes me remarkable in the feats of love. (If you read women’s’ profiles, as I do, you find that the distribution of minimum sizes requested seems to converge around 6-8 inches, with 6 being seen as the bare minimum and anything more as being a pleasant addition. Of course, what I don’t see a lot of call for is large diameter, a dimension where I happen to be somewhat better equipped). I wonder why that is–the female vagina (that’s what rhetoricians call a pleonasm. Useless repetition, for only women have vaginas) doesn’t to my knowledge have 8 inches of nerve cells, so some of that length must be wasted. I suspect what is wanted is the larger girth that usually accompanies such length. Masters and Johnson noted that when the penis is inside the vagina the entire area is distended by it and used that fact to argue against the Freudian assertion that there were different types of orgasms. If they are correct, then maybe something like this goes on with the question of length.

Doris Lessing in “The Golden Notebook” has one of her characters deride male doctors who seek to investigate the female orgasm. No male doctor ever came like a woman, she observes. Well naturally she’s right. But having been married for many years to an extremely intelligent nurse, I have listened to many, many accounts of women who know NOTHING of their own geography–women for instance who think they pee from the vagina. Of course that is likely an earlier generation, but Christ, who says we don’t need sex education?

I’ve wandered far afield; so let me try to get back. Men post photos and profiles of themselves to prove they are worthy of women’s attention. In my case, it’s a matter of not just attracting a woman; it’s attracting the right sort of woman. Smart, sexy, a bit on the intellectual side. Quirkiness is okay, beauty, as always, is appreciated, though if you’re plain and have a fascination mind, that’s okay, too.

Women naturally do the same thing–but I confess I am mystified at what sort of man a woman expects to find if they display their perineum as a calling card. Most of those look alike–I’d like to see your face.

Of course, we aren’t birds, and while it is an accepted fact that the bower bird must have some evolutionary compulsion for his behavior, since I don’t think reproduction is the principle aim of this site, though what goes on here may have a connection to the way we pick partners for reproduction, I don’t really know if that is working here.

I just find it fascinating the way we present ourselves to the strangers on this site. And just as we can look at the bowerbird and wonder, truly wonder what evolutionary advantage is displayed in building a bower. I wonder what advantage we need to succeed here.

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