U wrote this to me....and I am counting the days....  

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9/28/2005 2:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

U wrote this to me....and I am counting the days....

I love reading this over and over agin....mmmm sooo good!!!

Ok, i know you havent been with two guys but i would love to have someone watch us play. You could come over and have drinks at my house and we could start watching a movie with a friend of ours. I would lean over and start kissing your neck and slowly start caressing your tits. Our friend would start to notice as we started to make out, me unbuttoning your shirt sucking on your tits you looking over at them making sure they were watching...as soon as you were sure we had their full attention you would go right for my cock, getting on your hands and knees with your ass facinng them. You would let then see your lips sliding down over my cock and your tongue spreading your hot saliva all over my cock. You would look up from time to time to make sure you were making them just as hot as we are getting, almost inviting them to come over and start rubbing your pussy through your pants. My hands would be all over your body now stripping you down in front of them spreading your legs as we go to the floor in front of the couch and starting to eat your swollen pussy. Our friend would now be fully aroused and get on his knees beside you and press his cock against your lips sliding his meat into your mouth. Now you would have four hands on your body exploring and massaging evrywhere. My hands would pinch your nipples and squeeze your tits until you are on the verge of cumming..then you would get on top of me and begin to ride my cock..your nipples being sucked hard while my hands are on your ass pumping you up and down. You feel your self starting to cum when our friend lets you have his load into your mouth. You grab his cock and jerk him off while you bend down and put your tounge in my mouth kissing and sucking each others mouth while we cum together ..we lay, my cock still inside of you for a long time while we feel each others bodys pressed together sweating from the fun..then we have a drink and walk to the bedroom....

Come home baby....I need it !!!

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