shut up and just cum on my face!!  

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2/4/2006 12:40 pm

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shut up and just cum on my face!!

Last night i got off work early so i could meet a fuck fling at a motel for some quickie sex.

His job and mine don't mesh too well so we have to keep things between us as low key as possible.

The moment I arrived, he was all over me. wanting to do this and that. talking a million miles a minute about how he watches me from a distance and blah blah, while i was on my knees with his cock in my mouth.

"shut up and just cum on my face!!" i told him when i felt his nut sack tighten.

He covered my eyes and nose in his milky white cum and then proceeded to scoop his cum off my face with his fingers and feed it to me. I know he wanted me to swallow but i needed a facial.

After all of his cum had been wiped off my face and properly swallowed, I let him undress me and proceeded to adjust into any position he demanded of me.

he fucked each of my holes several times and used me as his own personal slut up until the time we agreed to both depart our fuck nest.

I saw him less than an hour later and could see it was hard for him to act as if he doesn't know me. I made haste and got as far away from him as i could. as i said before. his career can end mine if people only knew of our association.

hopefully he values discretion as much as i do.

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