Fucked Again  

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2/13/2006 9:23 pm

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Fucked Again

Someone once asked me if I documented every fuck I have. The answer to that was yes. But not online. I have a well hidden paper journal, that I write in every single night.

After a bunch of BS family drama over the weekend, I found myself breaking down to Buddy's attempts at getting me back.

But laying there, after using him as my own personal fuck slave, for 3 hours, my resolve to end our relationship on a permanent basis, came rushing to mind.

It was an arguement about him using a condom. I won. He thought I wanted him as much as he did me. He was wrong. I told him I could go without sex, if he didn't use a condom.

He used 5 of them.

I tied his hands to the bars on my headboard and made him endure the tortures that candle wax and ice offer. and then had my way with him in the most perverted ways

And when i was done with him, out the door he went. I think I shocked him when I rushed him to get up and get dressed. lol. and then I rushed him to the front door telling him he had to go before my neices came home. lol.

knowing good and well my neices wouldn't be home for another few hours

Call me mean, but i just don't want all of his drama anymore.

just drama free sex from now on

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