A Late Fuck Fling Just Waiting to Happen  

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1/24/2006 5:06 am

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A Late Fuck Fling Just Waiting to Happen

It was late.
close to one am.
My phone rings.
My boyfriend is laying beside me.
we haven't had sex since our lil surprise, so naturally, he's asleep.
The person on the other end of the phone whispers "hello there sexy". I whisper back "hey you. I thought you forgot about me."

All it took was him opening his mouth and uttering the first syllable and i instantly knew who it was. my delight at hearing his voice was apparant. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to talk to one of my oldest and dearest FB's. I tried to be quiet, so as not to wake up my lovingly, jealous, gigalo boyfriend .. but i wasn't as successful as i would have liked.

As soon as my conversation and meeting was arranged with my #1 FB, I departed my inner sanctum only to be questionned and threatened until the moment i walked out the door.

I know he reads this blog. he couldn't give a rats ass about the others. just this one.

so this is for you buddy. This whole entry just so you can throw it up in my face later. while your packing and leaving as you promised me last night

At 2am i was pulling up to a room at the scottish inn. #1 FB opens the door with a smile.
I enter.
He walks up behind me, slides his hand behind my neck and leans down to kiss it.
I got goosebumps on my skin, butterflies in my stomach and my lil girl dick (clit) throbbed.

We proceeded with me giving him a full body massage, kissing while undressing, oral foreplay on my part, him fucking me doggie style, me cumming 4 times, and then when his 9 inches deflated to 5inches, i licked him clean.

He's been in my life for 16 years now and will hopefully be there 16 more. I will always go to him when he calls. You do know him but he is not who you are accusing me of. and I will never tell you who he is. It's not his choice to keep it a secret, its mine. that part of my life is none of your business. But since he does know you too. He has made a few comments about talking to you and I have asked him not too.

I tried being honest in the beginning.
but you had to throw my honesty up in my face when things didn't go your way. And i'm supposed to just accept your infedelity and not have any of my own? right. dream a lil dream fucker

I told you from the beginning that i dont have a faithful bone in my body and that a player like you was perfect for me.

did you think i was lying?

I never expected you to turn into a jealous guy.

But since you have, it's not going to change me any. You can accept it and stay, or leave. i no longer care.

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