Surgery Date Set  

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3/17/2006 2:08 pm

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Surgery Date Set

I was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid 2 weeks ago. My appointment with my surgeon was yesterday (3/16/2006) in Madison. We were in the middle of a winter storm warning with snow expected up to 7". The wind was blowing and there were periods of near white-out as I drove along the "I" system towards Madison. I thought "Man, if this cancer doesn't kill me than this trip surely will." Luckily I made it there and back home without incidence. A friend of mine from AdultFriendFinder did offer me a place to stay if I needed to ......thank you, Steve!

Dr. Wenger was informative and seemed genuinely concerned. He even set up my surgery on a day that he normally does not do surgery on. He had to call St. Mary's to get permission to operate on the date, talk to the surgery department scheduler to make sure a surgical suit was open. He wants the surgery done ASAP, if he did not opt to operate on this day it would have been a month before he could fit me in his schedule. So my surgery date is March 24, 2006. He will be performing left thyroid lobectomy and possible the right also.

He explained the surgery to me and the difficulty it presents. The mass is very large. He has never seen one this big. I am a nurse and I have had 17 prior surgeries so I know the basics and the potential problems. The problem with this is that the mass is wrapping around my esophagus and it has diplaced the trachea. The thyroid gland is normally attached to one's esophagus. The vocal cords are also in this location. A larger than usual incision will have to be made so as to be able to get this large mass out. The mass also has extended down towards the collarbone and is behind it. Also the carotid artery and jugular veins are in the same are. Lots of critical things in a tiny area being taken over by a large mass.

While under a pathologist will be examining the right lobe to see if it looks suspicious and will also be doing a biopsy of it to see if there is cancer present. If there is the right lobe will also be removed. It will also be determined if the cancer is malignant or benign. There is a 25% chance the cancer will be malignant.

I am afraid....terrified actually. I have a lot I want to do yet. It sure makes me wake up, wonder if I have done some good on this earth. I would like to have people think of me in a positive manner. I hope I have touched some people's lives along the way.

bluegirl39 51F

3/17/2006 2:51 pm

Keep your spirts up lady. As a nurse you should know the bennies of a positive outlook. You still have a 75% chance it will not be malignate right so keep thinking it will be. I'll be thinking of you and look for an update on your cancer. I undersatnd the fear (had cancer)but don't let it pull you under. best wishes to you

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3/19/2006 7:32 am

You are in my prayers.Ihope all turns out well.I had my own scare with cancer earlier this year,turned out to be nothing but still I can understand what you are going through.My best wishes and thoughts are with you and your family

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3/22/2006 6:14 pm

Well the day is loaming closer! I have good feelings about this. I have thyriod problems also. I think I would tell him to take it out along with the para thyriod. A pill a day is the alturnative. I pray that you will wake and they will have you on that nice little pain pump machine. Hit the button every chance you get! Keep it managed and you will be more comfortable. Don't try to tuff it out. I hope that you will have your best friend and family with you and I will be on pins and needles till I find out how things went. Have someone post for you so we know! We will be there for you all the way!

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