WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PT 1  

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4/22/2006 3:53 pm

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WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PT 1

What an AWSOME week we have had. We met up with a couple from around here 3 different times this week. On Tuesday, we sat around and talked for hours. It was like we had known each other for years. We agreed to meet up on Friday for a BBQ. Wednesday evening when I got off work, My wife was talking to Kitty and she asked if we would like to come over again that night. I was a little tired after a long day at work, but I said what the hell. We really got along well and I needed to get out.

We went over to their house and stayed up half the night. We decided to play cards. We played with adult cards and teasing each other with the pictures. We then decided to watch an porn to help things along. Around 11 things started heating up. I had been teasing Rocky all night by pulling Dee's shirt up and showing him her nipples. After a bit He seemed to really want to get some of her. While we were watching the movie, Rocky went over to Kitty and started kissing her and touching her. Then Dee came over to me and we started to kiss. Rocky came over and put his hand down Dee's pants and played with her. Then Rocky decided Dee's pants needed to come off. He came up behind her and pulled her pants and panties down in one pull. It was very erotic to watch my wife's face as another man started to play with her wet pussy.

I started to play with Dee's nipples while Rocky was playing with her pussy. Boy was she into it. She was moaning and sighing to beat the band. Then she got what she really wanted. Rocky pulled out his hard cock and started to pound her from behind. Damn it was sexy. I was a little afraid that I would be jealous, but all I felt was horny.

While Rocky was pounding her from behind for a few minutes, Kitty rubbed and played with Dee's clit while Rocky contiued to fuck her. it was time to get on the floor, Dee was bent over me while I was sitting in a recliner, while she was getting done and it was getting hard to stay in the postion. Rocky pulled out of Dee and turned around to help Kitty off with her clothes. Damn Damn Damn Damn was it sexy. He started fucking Kitty, so I plunged my pussy pounder into Dee. She was wetter than I have ever known her to be. Oblivously she was having as much fun as I was.

Before long, Rocky looked over at me and said that Kitty wanted some of my hard dick. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige. We swiched places and I plunged my cock into another women for the first time since Dee and I had gotten together. While I was fucking Kitty, Rocky plunged into Dee's clit and started eating her. Man was it heaven. Kitty has a wonderful pussy that she just loves to have a cock in. She was moaning and groaning and I thought that I was just the shit. Then she said that there was something on the floor hurting her back. And here I thought it was my pounding her pussy so good. LOL

We moved into the bedroom and once again Rocky gave his hard man-meat to my wife's pussy. I also started in again on Kitty. After a while, Kitty and I stopped for a few minutes and just wached as Rocky and Dee went at it. Man was it great. They seem to have devloped a connection very quickly that gave a feeling that they had been fucking for years instead of just a few minutes.

After Rocky and Dee were done for a while, Dee started to suck on Kitty's nipple. I once again gave her my hard cock in that amazing pussy and Rocky started playing with her clit. Then Kitty reached over and started to play with Dee's pussy. Damn that was hot. Let me tell you it did not take long and Kitty was cumming and cumming hard. In fact she came so hard, we had to stop just so she could recover.

We ended that night with one of the most intense fucks I have ever had. Dee had decided that she needed a break to smoke. Rocky started to fuck his wife and I came over and started playing with her clit, while she jacked me off oh so well. After Rocky came inside her wet snatch, she told me she wanted me inside her again. Dee came back into the room and watched as I gave Kitty the hard cock that she wanted. As I got close to cumming, she told me to come inside her. After I started to cum, she told me to be still. And then she did something that I can hardly describe for you. She started to squeeze my hard, cumming cock with her pussy and the sensation was beyond description. When she got done with me, I was literally crawling because I did not have the strength to get up. I have never been so wiped out and weak after sex before. I can not wait till I get get me some more of that. Well until part 2,


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4/22/2006 8:42 pm


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