Meeting people at aff  

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3/28/2005 1:00 pm

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Meeting people at aff

So, I have been trying to meet people from this site. I have been honest. I have been very up front. I really don't know exactly who wants to hear what and what exactly should be said. I know that much of the time I am too forward. But hey, I'm horny. Should I lie about this. There is a reason I came to AdultFriendFinder and not eharmony or some other site.

Now, I am serious about wanting to meet people about a hookup and such. I have now met two people. I was supposed to meet a couple, our schedules didn't fit & I was on my way to meeting someone but I chickened out. So I have now experienced it from both ways. Can I blame the people I didn't meet...nope. Do I feel bad about the person I stood up? Absolutely.

These are my stories...

About 3 months ago, I got on to the site and starting chatting at people. I met an older man (I'm bi) and we scheduled time to meet. It was a bit awkward because it was a first for both of us. We just got right to it. I sucked him off for a few minutes (he had a great 8: uncut cock) after a while we moved into the room where he really fucked me good. I was bent over the bed him slapping my backside. We took a short breather-he blew me I came in his mouth, and he continued pounding me (POUNDING). He exentually came all over my back (used a condom) and he skirted out the door. Awkward. Why was that? Because he had a wife and I a girl? could be, I certainly didn't want "cuddle" with him. But I would have liked to keep him as my fuck buddy....that did not happen. That was my first ass banging and I think of nothing else always.

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