I just don't get it  

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4/12/2005 1:42 pm

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I just don't get it

Hello to all-
This past weekend I was finally able to meet a woman from the AdultFriendFinder site. She was fantastic a beautiful blond.
Of course as most people from site are looking for (c'mon people, don't get involved if you don't want sex)we had some great sex. Now I am the type of man who is a big fan of the foreplay. So we made out, had some heavy petting. She had amazing b-cups with perfect erect nipples that loved to be nibbled on. She would writhe under me as I was sucking. After that I was treated to a sweet tasting, finely trimmed, gorgeous pussy that I lapped at like it was my job. I loved it, not sure if she was a big fan...
After the petting we got into some pretty hot sex. It started simple in the missionary, but quickly moved all over the room on top, side entry, doggie. It was great-she was incredibly moist and allowed me to slide perfectly. For me, my stamina was great we went for about 30 minutes. She was the perfect combination of soft and rough (exactly what I look for in a woman) I pulled out before I came and she took me in her mouth. Pretty hot right?

But here is what I don't get....my hardon was rock hard througout the whole time. I was so turned on. when I am with men, I am incredibly hot, but my cock doesn't last as long. Last week I couldn't even fuck my partner. I love getting pounded myself and need it pretty much all day-every day, but when it comes to me servicing another man, I have been having some problems. Of course I feel terrible, I mean this woman (I hope was satisfied-pretty sure she was) but the men who travel to meet me and then I can't perform makes me want to let them fuck me all night long (which I would also like). I don't know, I know I love it both ways, but not sure why things are happening the way they are.

One thing is for sure-I certainly can't get enough sex.

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