what's worng with that dude  

batting780 37M
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3/22/2006 9:28 pm
what's worng with that dude

so lemme tell you a story I was out with friends tonight went to a movie decided to hit up a bar afterwards. here where I start to wonder whats wrong with that guy? so it was karaoke night, I have no problem with that. I wont get up there but Ill listen and laugh. .. some homey G whitey white kid gets up. red jeans red shirt with a red du rag and a re bandana over that. he requested some country song and decided to lay some rhyme over it instead. Ok, Im not a big fan of but I know at least when someone sucks at it. it was unintelligable excecpt for the the randomm screamed.... WHAT!! If no one can understand your Rhyme, sit the fuck down and let me laugh at the person trying to sing "these boots were made for walking"

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