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2/25/2005 9:49 am

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I find it strange the views of sexuality. Why do women often confuse simple wishes of respect with an attempt at trying something more? I will open doors for all women who are in side the circumstances and tip my hat to them. More often than not, because I'm covered in tattoos, wear leather, and ride Harleys, these women look at me like I've lost my mind. I also have a bad habit of lending an "ear" to women when they seem to need one, whether they ask for that "ear" or not.
Recently, in the case of TWO women, I have offered that and they BOTH assumed I was trying for romance or some horseshit notion similar. One of these women happens to be an ex-girlfriend of mine, and even though we've been separated for almost a year and we connected as friends first, she can't seem to understnad that it was the relationship that failed and not the friendship.
Even on this site, I'll offer a nice comment to someone, and they assume that since this is a "sex" site, that's my intentions. Why is that assumption there? We are ALL on here because we love sex and we ALL know that. Whatever happened to casual banter? If I'm interested in having sex with someone on here, I approach her as such, and If all I want to say is that the girl's picture is beautiful, that's all that means. Why do we have to have all these underlying pretenses assumed. Of course, unless the girl is obsessed with sex, she is not going to fuck the first guy that writes and asks. If she does and she is trying to be THAT sexually free, she will usually be useless in bed. If that girl understands that there is such a thing as a simple compliment and does NOT come across as being obsessed with sexual freedom, she will usually be great. Why try to be "sexy?" You either are or you aren't, and that is what makes the reality of it. Fantasies are called fantasies for a reason--why try to enact the fantasy here. It will no longer be that "fantasy" and when you find out that fantasy is gone, the reality of it will suck. Be yourself, and quit "trying" to be the "sex star" or whatever most of you are doing on here.
I am a very sexual man and I am good at what I do, but when i fantasize about someone, I prefer to keep it that way. I f I want physical interaction, I will not fantasize about that person, for the reality is usually better. Fantasies lead to a letdown that leads to nothing.

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2/27/2005 5:53 am


Very well said i must say.... I wish guys could be out spoken and more honest like you But that would be a fantasy not a reality

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