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2/26/2005 6:39 am

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I have all kinds of fun at work. One of the girls I work with got married the other night and here new husband showed up and they ended up having sex in the bathroom, so of course I had to tease her about it. Eventually, she asked me, since she knows I'm a poet of sorts, to write a poem about love for the two of them. This is what she got:


Like taking
a healthy shit,
it stinks at first,
then gets in
the way and
when it's gone
you feel all
empty inside.

She decided she didn't quite like it. I'm not giving here another one, though. Also at work, there are two girls that have been chasing me for two years (I was a customer before I worked there). One of them is too young in her mind as has that dipshit dream of the white house, picket fence, a dog and two kids, so she's never had a chance. The other one has always been blunt and told me what she wanted and how she would do it, so finally I decided to tell her that she could do anything she wanted to do to me, and I would return the favor (she complains no one has ever given her good head, and I know for a fact I'm great at that--it's my favorite thing to do). Now she doesn't chase me or call me, so I had a shirt made up that says: "I'M SOMEBODY"S FANTASY" in honor of those two, and now they're sort of mad. It's great. I even told the second one last night when I stopped in that I was bored and that she should come over, and she STILL hasn't called. Go figure.
Anyway, that's all for my mind today this early in the morning.

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