And they call him man's best friend...  

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3/7/2005 2:41 pm

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And they call him man's best friend...

(I have received an email explaining what I think to be the sickest, most interesting viewpoint on sex that I've come across yet. This is a viewpoint that I wonder who came up with first, and I wonder if she actually went thruogh the trial and error phase of seeing if it were true

I received an email by a girl named Susie that is an in-depth how-to guide to canine-human sex. She considers herself an expert on the subject, and has been practicing the art of doggy sex for twenty years. She covers oral, vaginal, and anal sex in this guide.
She explains that on the subject of oral sex, male dogs will spend much more time than the male human. Advantages are that the canine toungue in longer and able to reach places that I as a human would only dream about reaching in a woman, and that the canine toungue is covered with millions of little "buds" on the toungue that produce a much more intense orgasm that I would be able to give.
She goes on into various positions that are good for the dog as well as her--everything from being on all 4's to the missionary licking.
Afterwards, she gives a quick spiel on how to return the favor for the dog, an act I can't sem to justify explaining here. (Sucking off a dog?)
She explains that with vaginal sex the advantage is that the dog can't get you pregnate. She recommends a large dog about 75 lbs. or so and lists two positions: doggy style (go figure) and the missionary.

(My note: The dog penis has a large knot at the end that can be up to four inches wide and is a natural design so that he can't withdraw during orgasms.)

In the misionary position, she explains that if one is too timid to take the dog penis inside her, she can hold it in her hand as the dog "humps" her. In the doggy position, she explains the proper way to lean over the bed and use the belly button as a guide on location to the position on the bed.
On the subject of anal sex, she explains that the right amount of lubrication is definitely necessary, and explains that olive oil is best and should be inserted into the anus with an eyedropper prior to sex with the dog. She also explains that vaseline and "normal" lubricants can make the dog sick.
She also mentions that with anal sex, it is not as stimulating and one might want to use a dildo or something similar to aid in climax.

Now, my question is: Considering the dog has a body tepmerature much higher than that of the human, his sperm will be several degrees warmer and probably burn. Also, the natural knot at the end of its penis will NOT soften after ejaculation for 20-40 minutes. How can he withdraw a 4 inch ball from the woman without hurting or possibly injuring her? Where is the logic here?

And they say the dog is man's best friend. Not if he's taking over our women.

(if anyone's disturbed enough to want a copy of this email, write me and i'll send it.)

ArabellaUK 41F

4/6/2005 1:41 pm

I think it sounds rather sexy...

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