Adventures in Austin  

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2/17/2005 9:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Adventures in Austin

Well, I had RL meeting about a week ago. (Hey Megan ) Not my first from on the internet, not even my first from an "adult" site but still interesting. As humorous as it sounds, its still a little eye opening that people meet, fuck and go home. Not that I obviously have a problem with that, and adults can and should do what adults want to do. We still talk, and are planning more "parties". After talking to her a little, I think shes having more fun on here than I, but as one of my other posts said, there are far more guys on here than women so they are quite a bit more sought after. This (meaning AdultFriendFinder) is more about an adventure than anything else. There so many other things I want to try, group, swinging and watching next on the list. If there are any couples into MMF, MFF, swapping, swinging, cuckold, watching... any of those adventures involving more than 2 people, drop me a line. Theres something inately dirty about the thought of fucking a woman with her man watching. And you know what, I like the idea. Often thought how I would feel on the other end of that (this was when I was with a steady GF) and the thought does not totally turn me off.

So this is post one, hope that someone finds it amusing

bobisypuruncle 68M
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3/14/2005 9:11 am

I have had the experiance of watching my wife have sex with other men.It is indeed a perverse situation.I love seeing the cum drool out of her shaved pussie.I know this sounds "gay" but its not.One time Iwent done on her and did not know that my friend had a quick trigger and had my first cream pie.It was great

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