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9/27/2005 1:09 pm

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Four Play

I used to have a traveling partner with 42DD's (mine are 44DD). Anyway, she and I were driving through Arizona one summer and it was so hot that we decided to take our shirts off and since neither one of us liked to wear bras, our nipples got hard from the wind blowing through our open windows.
"Damn," she said, "I think I'm getting even hotter, if you know what I mean."
To which I replied, "If you mean your pussy's getting wet, mine is too."
She was driving so I asked, "Would you like me to play with your titties?"
"What?!?" she laughed.
"Haven't you ever thought about trying bi?"
"Thought about it but never acted on it."
This isn't really trying it, you know. Just, well, playing."
Anyway, she said she wouldn't mind playing for a while but she wanted me to play with mine at the same time. "Give passing truckers a thrill."
I moved over next to her and lifted one of her boobs and started rolling her nipple lightly between my thumb and index finger, "Oooo, that feels good." So I lowered my head and flicked it with the tip of my tongue, "That's better than my ex used to do. Now let me see you play with your own."
I lifted both of mine and tweaked my nips then lowered my head and first licked and sucked on my right one then did the left one. The wetness and the wind made them even harder.
Just then this 18-wheeler passed with a team of drivers, the one on the passenger side was halfway good-looking and when he saw us got this ear to ear grin on his face. We had a cb and I decided to turn it on.
"Hello, hello," it squawked, "you got one of these horns?"
I grabbed the mike and asked, "If you're the guys who just passed two buxom beavers maybe we can talk."
"Maybe we can do more than that, there's a rest area up here about a mile," came the reply.
"What do we do?" she asked me.
"We follow and see what the situation looks like. If the area isn't too populated and the other guy looks as good as the one we saw..."
She got the point and smiled at me, "Let's not cover ourselves, you know, just in case."
I caught her meaning, too, and agreed that it might turn out to be fun.
When we got there it wasn't anything but a wide spot in the road just big enough for a few big rigs. They were the only ones there and both men were on the ground. The driver was even better looking than the first one we saw. We pulled up behind them and got out to join them. No one said anything and as the passenger door was open she and I climbed right up into their big double bunk sleeper. She went first and, when I got up there (with a helping hand pushing up under my pussy), pulled me onto the bed right on top of her, planting my face between her beautiful breasts. I couldn't resist the temptation to grab them, push them together and suck on both nipples at once. When I looked up I saw two hard cocks at least eight or nine inches long and about three or four inched in girth, "Don't stop on our account."
"I'm not, I'm just going to take her pants off."
She was already undoing the fly on mine, so we stripped each other. That's when I saw that she shaved just like I do. Completely bare and clean of all hair.
She looked just as surprised as I did, smiled and put her hand between my legs and ran her fingers inside my lower lips and across my clit, sending a very pleasant shock through me. "Let's not play any more. I want to see what it's like to eat pussy and I like the looks of yours."
I laid back, spread my legs and she went down on me. The next thing I knew, there was a cock rubbing across my tits so I grabbed it and stuck it in my mouth. I almost couldn't get my lips around it at first so I started teasing the head and eye with the tip of my tongue, licked up and down, sucked at his nuts and opened my mouth as wide as I could so he could fuck my face. I couldn't see but my friend was being eaten, too. Then, just as I was about to cum, her mouth was replaced by a large hand and I felt a finger go up inside me while another one started swirling around my clit. That was it. I started fucking back against his hand, jeez I was feeling good.
I looked and saw her bent over, fucking back against his big dick while he was reaching around and fondling her swinging tits. She had a look of pure sexual enjoyment on her face. Then my big lollypop was taken out of my mouth and it replaced the fingers in my well lubed pussy. First he rubbed it up and down my slit, playing close attention to my throbbing clit, then sliding just the head in and leaving it there for a few seconds. That was long enough for me to reach under my girl and start fingering her clit and rubbing some balls. I had to take a deep breath right then 'cause my guy rammed his pole all the way in my hole slapping his nuts against my ass. While my mouth was open my girl filled it with one of her nipples. I was in sexual heaven, a big cock fucking me, a bald pussy to play with, and a big tittie to suck on.
We changed positions to have her sit on her guy's lap backwards, me on my knees being done doggie style and my face in position to lick that shaved mound. I was really having some fun. I went to town and stabbed that clit over and over, swirling my tongue around and around, and licking her juices off the cock she was sliding up and down on. Neither guy wanted to shoot his wad inside of us, they wanted to fuck and cum between our big fleshy tits. After which we cleaned each other up with our tongues, taking time to play and suck on each other's mams.
We put our pants on, said bye and got down from their truck.
"We didn't even introduce ourselves," she said.
"So, we'll be 'those two big tittied, shaved beaver, bi chicks' that they met. We'll be truck stop legends."
Back on the road, we wiggled out of our pants again and played with ourselves, and each other, some more making ourselves, and each other, cum over and over.
She told me once that if she didn't like cock so much she wouldn't mind having me all the time. I said ditto but since we were at it we might as well enjoy as much cock as we could right along with all you can eat pussy.

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9/27/2005 2:23 pm

You & your partner got to live one of my fantasies!! Sometimes when I'm on the interstate by myself, I like to "pleasure" myself (I, too, have very large breasts -40DD) by exposing my breasts, or maybe pulling up my skirt for a little thrill for myself and the truckers passing by. I've often thought how cool it would be to have another woman to share this with, and to add a couple of willing cocks, well, what can I say?? You are braver than I, though, so I guess the best I can do is live vicariously through women who actually follow through with their spirit of adventure! Thanks for giving the rest of us another aid in our "self-discovery/pleasure"!

1piercedtrucker 51M

10/1/2005 10:01 am

hey Bare loved the story mmmmmmm joplin huh just think i get thrue there a lot being a trucker and all mmmmmm lol well have a good one Jim

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