Part 2  

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7/31/2005 6:54 pm

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Part 2

My pussy is relaxed yet throbbing, squeezing on his hand. Milking it like a cock. Wanting more, needing to keep cumming, and I am. He wouldn't stop, his tongue on my clit while his hand slowly fucks deep in my pussy. My orgasm is rolling now, running like a roller coaster, peaks and valleys, rocking me as it sweeps over me. Reaching down I feel his cock, hard and ready again. I ask him what he wants, his wish is my command. He pulls away from my arching pussy, my juices covering his face, as he smiles down at me and slips his hand from their hot home. "You know I have never had anal baby," he says. With a sigh I roll onto my stomach, then rise to my hands and knees in front of him on the bed. My ass is already slick from both my own juices and his mouth, but I tell him there is lube in the drawer. I can hear him open the drawer, then he is silent. Looking over my shoulder I see his eyes as he looks at all the toys inside. He picks up the tube of lube, coming back to me. Before he can apply it though I reach for his cock drawing him back to my mouth. His body arches as I tongue the head, tease the ridge again. Now he is ready, he pulls away, applying the lube to both his throbbing cock and my up turned ass. I feel his finger begin to probe softly inching in. First one, then as I push back, my ass starting to open, a little harder, deeper. I can feel another finger fighting for it's turn, wanting to join it's brother in my hot, tight hole. Cheeks spread wide, a moan escapes my lips. I more than ready for him to ride and I tell him so. He snuggles up behind me, cock hard and hot at my hole. I can feel the head nuzzling it, pushing against me, ready to plow ahead, but I stop him. "Follow my lead baby, let me show you the way," I tell him. Slowly I begin to push back against his cock, my hips working in a swirl as I do. The head is pushing, working it's way into my ass as I feel his body shiver. I know he has never had anything this tight surround his cock before and hope he doesn't blow before he is all the way in. I begin to push harder, letting him sink all the way in, my ass holding him like a glove as I tell him to hold still now. His balls are resting against my pussy as my ass adjusts to his intrusion. "Do you like it baby? Can you feel my ass holding you, squeezing your cock? Feel how tight, and hot it is? Now your in control. Long slow thrust baby, you'll feel it open for you and know when it is ready for a harder ride." He starts to slowly, thrust and pull back till he is all but out, leaving just the head unsheathed in my ass. I know it will not take long for my orgasm to hit again and I am right. My ass is creaming around his cock already. Wanting everything he has to give it, it does not take long for him to feel it too. He grabs my hips pulling me back against him, holding me as he starts ramming deep into my ass. My pussy is creaming now as well, taking one hand I bring it between my legs, stroking his balls as he rides my ass. I hear him gasp, he doesn't expected that move, but I love the feel of them getting fuller. He is close now, we are both ready for him to cum. With a yell he is cumming, his cock shooting deep with a force like water from a fire hose. I scream as my body bucks back against him, my orgasm hitting hard through my ass. Slowly we sink down on the bed, his cock still buried in my ass for now. I feel him shudder as he starts to pull out, my ass tightening and sucking him dry. Dropping down on the bed beside me he glances at me. His eyes tell me how satisfied he is but I ask any way. "Well baby, how did you like your first ass ride?" "Lets just say it will not be the last time I ride that ass," he says smiling. "I think I'm an ass man now," he says with a boyish grin. Snuggling I reach down and caress his balls and cock again. "We shall see, think you need to rest a while before I show you anything else?" I ask giving him a wink.

Jeff197175 42M

8/19/2005 1:31 pm

wow....very hot! Also very well written. It got me excited!

MetalPhoenix79 38M

8/25/2005 6:04 pm

I'm hard

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9/6/2005 8:17 pm

Where did you go? Hope all is well. Anyway to contact outside of AdultFriendFinder

hotiowastud2 54M

9/10/2005 9:03 pm

Wow...keep writing baby.

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10/14/2005 10:45 am

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rm_collies10012 53M
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10/14/2005 10:47 am

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