Ode to hippie.........  

bardicman 51M
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9/11/2005 8:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ode to hippie.........

9/11/ Terrorist struck the WTC so today it is kind of a mind numbing day of remembrance.

But for every bad there is a good, hence the balance of nature.

The good for today is it's hippies birthday. On this day, some few years ago, God released another of his angels to walk the earth and spread smiles and joy all around.

Just let me say this hippie, my life is so much fuller and enjoyable now that you are in it. You are a tremendous friend, a wonderful conversationalist, a beautiful fantasy, and a perfect reality.

I hope this day brings you the same joy that you bring to me. If it does, this day will be filled with the things memories are made of and you can look back on it for years and smile.

I am not dead yet

Hippink 36F  
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9/16/2005 6:48 pm

Awwww, Thanks, JDL! mmmmmmmm J lick D lick L lick.
Boy, do I have YOU fooled, if you think I'm an Angel!!!
I'm glad to have had such an effect on you. You have affected me deeply, too.
I am answering this today, because it is a much happier day than my actual B-day was. A day to celebrate! Wish you were here.
Life will go on. MUAH!
-Hippie XXX

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Have fun, play safe!

bardicman 51M

9/16/2005 6:52 pm

You know I just love it when you talk to me
I wish I was there too. I will be soon enough. Well ok not soon enough but I will be there with bells on.

I am not dead yet

rm_Mzhineyhole 37F
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12/8/2005 4:03 pm


woofff 42F

2/27/2006 9:10 am

Hey you,
You have such an open heart that it runs like a coastline along the lives of those you believe are your comrades-in-arms...your words in this and other exhaustive entries that am inching thru with a fascinated heart-are so full of what makes you YOU that as a reader, I feel I love you as much as these friends who you have known longer than me. You are a man along the lines of what a woman seeks before she learns of pre-nup agreements, unpaid alimony, and Weight Watchers Anon: perceptive, enduring, human. Not a hero like Superman
a creature who comes from a different planet altogether, has a split personality and a penchant for wearing a vivid red underwear on top of his costume.

With a giggle and a hug

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