Twilight Purple Shadows (part 2) (reprise)  

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Twilight Purple Shadows (part 2) (reprise)

Twilight Purple Shadows (part 2) Jul 15, 2005 1:20 am
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(continuation of Blog... A Red Rose)

A river of glistening sugar began to spill out..He looked into My eyes.. Eyes of Emerald that held storms in their depth.. lips of blood that were made to devour and to kiss....whose breath howled with hurricane force and could bring a dragon to its knees.

Born under the house of the Raven, on the wings of Lillith, hair like golden strands of silk and fiery fleece and tongue like waves of slithering serpents ...I walk sleepless among the day and the living.

And, then the mortal one spoke
the one fashioned from blood and sweat and tear fixxed upon Me with a Wikked gaze. "U will call Me Master"

The moon shown full in the twilight purple shadows..I was free again ..unbound by the sundown...Queen of the Night has arisen.

Only then did He know it wasn't only the Garden but His Mistress the moonlight that glistened through His window shade at night..Filling His world with deep sexual desires that He thought was of HIS making.

He prayed for her..He read about her. He longed for Her. She answered His desires. He offered to take Her hand into the unknown.

He dropped the rose by my side and He drank from My river refreshing Himself of passion once dead.

His hardness consumed Him..all he wanted in that moment was to consume Me. He thought I was His feast.

I grabbed the thorny rose and forcefully hit His hard rod with it. He didn't flinch, just His smile got wider. He got harder..bolder as I took His cock in My mouth. I looked deep into His eyes, there was no fear, as mortal men should. No matter He will get what He deserves.

I worshipped his cock with my tongue and stinging mouth and clawed His rippled muscles with My talons. He gripped My platinum blonde hair --the color of moonlight-- and painted it with His red palms...clutching onto Me tighter..pulling Me deeper towards Him.

His bliss was evident as His heart of darkness began to glimmer as tribute to Me.

He was restrained and paralyzed by an unseen tingling force and His smile of ecstasy quickly vanishing from His sighing lips. He struggled against the darkness, against the lust that bound Him.
He struggled against the dreams of passion that he realized-- in that moment-- would make Him Slave.

But I the Night Angel was strong with greed,lust and covetness. I held Him secure with the weight of my full breasts. He battled frantically but only tangling in My moonlight hair and My laughter thundered like hundreds wolves howling in unison.

You are MY FEAST.


Its good to be...ME

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