Polishing up your bad girl image!  

barbiebunny 37F
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5/11/2006 3:46 pm

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5/25/2006 12:14 am

Polishing up your bad girl image!

Start the day by gargling w/a large mouthful of scotch, tequilla, or bourbon..spit or swallow..your choice as always.

Drink coffee out of a martini glass

Make a scarf out of last night's red party streamers

Drink your 8 glasses of H2o a day straight up with a twist

add face & body glitter to your normal makeup routine

wear the mens XL cologne reeking sweater u found behind the sofa

Preserve your darkly smudged mascara and kohl eyeliner all week long. Bonus points for smearing it into the pillow of an Ex boyfriend

Go to work in fishnets, miniskirt and go-go boots

Fill daily planner with debaucherous things and leave it open on your desk

come in with bruses where the ropes would have tied you down

Its good to be...ME

tootsiedippin 54M/54F
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5/11/2006 5:14 pm


"Go to work in fishnets, miniskirt and go-go boots"

Yes this will deffinately improve my BAD girl image...WEG

But for you...anything


barbiebunny replies on 5/11/2006 9:01 pm:
ya get suited and booted now!

cookie7823 47F

5/11/2006 8:13 pm

And this is different from everyday HOW???? LOL

barbiebunny replies on 5/11/2006 9:01 pm:
ROFL cookie..gawd i love ya babe

tillerbabe 57F

5/11/2006 11:17 pm

Sort of sounds like "Roll Call" at work for me! "Oops my uniform shirt is unbuttoned....is that a neon-magenta bra under there?'

_Safira 54F
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5/17/2006 12:56 pm

I cannot tell you how many of these apply to me ... LMFAO!!!

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