Allright lets throw in a new twist of fate to the story ....  

barbiebunny 37F
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6/3/2006 12:09 am

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6/7/2006 2:37 pm

Allright lets throw in a new twist of fate to the story ....

Now you few loyal readers, more so on the spiritual journey (sex stuff sometime next week horny bitches) but for now on with the journey...

One of my branches in sisterhood vibrates loudly.

She needs us. She needs supertarts help. See, theres more than Me out there as the superheroes. Ill call them Codename : Tarts.

I can go into it as Id have to dispose of you if you talked. But this isnt the reason for the story so it doesnt matter anyway...

At the crux of the matter, a young girl's mom died suddenly. Resources already stretched, God decides to see how far ill go till I snap. I snarled to the heavens, "I dont break bitch!!!" (bend a lot yeah)

And more cosmic wisdom discoveries about myself, the journey I am on, how it intersects with others, the kind of amazing people that do surround me in blogland and real life, and karmic redemption for all involved.

Still with Me?

Good. Lemme take another swig of pepto bismol and Ill be right with you...

*thought to self... damn, I realized now how it so soo not normal to have an ulcer in the 5th nother blog nother time..ok focus Bunz on the story*

SO I drop to my knees in prayer for everyone involved in this tragic event. Pray pray pray.. Be the the sheepdog...

Ok, so my diversion from my family becomes helping this little girl. My hobby, my solace , my redemption so to speak. My free time is spent in coming up with things to make her happy, help her family and all around step up with actions.

I diddnt know if I could handle it. I thought Id break. I prayed and I prayed..because quite frankly, there aint no athiests in foxholes.

Love love love poured in me from where I couldnt tell you.. for this little girl and her family. I just listened where spirit wanted me to go. I let go and let God, spirit, Quan, CHi, god force ,i dont care what u wanna call it.,,but IT!

I heard others stories of history and pain, watching people give incredibly, without strings, for this girl. Their donations-- redemptive karma for their lives past. Incredible and in AWE of the stories that intersected with my life. And a severe humbling...praying that Spirit moves me in the right direction for the benefit of all.

To the secret "Bunny Angles" that are donating to this cause...the deepest thank you I can give is yours and a warm smile from Me. Of course you will be updated, and let you all know how it all pans out. If u wish to help My Crusade, email me.. but for private reasons I cannot go more into it for respect of the people, and "angels" involved.

But I diddnt have a lot of faith in people honestly.. and this changed my opinion around completely. Now I love mankind and dogs..and I have a feeling this is just the beginning. What am I getting out of it? Besides perhaps being the largest masochist that ever lived?


Stay Tuned,
Humble Bunz

Its good to be...ME

tootsiedippin 54M/54F
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6/3/2006 10:08 am

Gawd any thing I say here feels do you respond to pure emotion?



barbiebunny replies on 6/5/2006 6:34 pm:
Ty Dippin xo

rm_anacortes 75M
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6/3/2006 8:04 pm


Glad you shared this in your blog.. I had had another experience where a lady on here wanted to do some "good work" like you mention, then got real mad at me when I did not shell out the green right away.

I feel "rushing to action" is not ALWAYS the best way.. anyway, you are doing great and I wish you great success and keep leting us know where we might be helpful... Thanks

barbiebunny replies on 6/5/2006 6:37 pm:
anacortes u bet...being a daughter of a highly successful army airborne ranger heloed me do this in phases...Phase 1 intital basic needs of the child...Phase 2 therapy..ongoing support...phase 3 contunued crisis support until well handles which i do see lasting from 3-6 months in the critical stage because of how young the girl is.

rm_Lookalike 53M
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6/4/2006 7:28 pm

could you email me, please.

barbiebunny replies on 6/5/2006 6:37 pm:
Ok hun ill mail ya via AdultFriendFinder.

SeekingFun337 65M/61F
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6/5/2006 9:20 am

"seek and you shall find"

not in self, but in the kindness of your own heart, and that of those around you.... it is so unfortunate that the ying must also have the yang... in the shadows, waiting is the unkind, selfish spirit...

Recent research study has shown that even witnessing the kind act of another person lowers blood pressure, and has health benefits.. seems to give credance to "it is better to give, than to receive."

I hope your journey/trials are small compared to the simple great joy of life, itself.... the universe is larger than ourselves... may you be richly blessed... and, your spirit lightened as you are discovering, and witnessing great things/events in your life...

You have a good heart, and it comes through in your writings.... also, the great stress you are under... it is when we are in tune with our mortality, and weakened by the pain of seeing our world in turmoil that we are most open and receptive to enlightenment. The old parable, "I was angry because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet" is humbling and, while simplistic, filled with truth. As a somewhat studied person, you know truths/historical doctrines, and now, experiene the sensations of wisdom, which, if sought for, is seldom if ever found, for it must come from within ... through the processing of experiences.... knowledge without wisdom, is simply stored information.....

The world is and, through your actions, a better place today than yesterday...

barbiebunny replies on 6/5/2006 6:38 pm:
Thank you. I always love reading your thoughts you post for Me.

_Safira 54F
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6/7/2006 8:49 am

Prayers, Love, and let me know what else Little Lovely wants and/or needs.

I believe that we should all serve, in our own way, every day. I believe that God is good and that we, with Him, help ourselves and SHOULD help one another to be better, the best we can be ... to GIVE the best of ourselves FOR ourselves AND each other ... always.

Have I told you what a phenomenal woman you are, Miss Bunz?

Safira {=}

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