A Red Rose (reprise pt. 1)  

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A Red Rose (reprise pt. 1)

Authors note:
This is a story i wrote, and as I am resurrecting me favorite blogs, this was one of the ones that seemed to effect a good many of you. I am glad it did.

A Red Rose that Cries at Twilight. *Erotic Story-- Explicit* Jul 11, 2005 2:18 pm
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Ok kiddies im warning you.. again.. this time were dealing with pleasure, pain and blood and fantasy... If u dont have a stomach for it.. go get some cookies...

~your lovely Anti-hero BB69

**uh ya i really mean it****

But it is so naughty..i gotta get off the cranberry juice..or exercise these lovely demons..humm now how to exercise them..


He whispered to me in the evening when the day met the night...."I clutch the thorn and smell the rose with the same pleasure."

Then with his red bloodsoaked hands from the prick of beauty, He ran the petals of the rose over the small of my back, letting the red passion drip along my milky white skin and trails of his inner passion caress Me.

He made that rose my gag, so I tasted him and bit down on it knowing the thunder that would soon arrive. Then came the exquisite pain of the slap on each breast for both of them. Marking His territory using Me as a canvas for his malevolent lust.

He grew harder. Passionate. Wikked. Hes never had this ONE in His grasp before.

He pressed His hard cock into the flesh of My ass, letting Me know His rod was ready. Then He grabbed My hair and moved Me to all fours, head down, round, firm, fleshy ,wet ,ass up.

Awaiting the next lightening strikes as I bit down harder on the rose, the thorns beginning to scratch the insides of My mouth..the taste of the two bloods mixing like a passionate cocktail.

With every reddened mark He grew more powerful, more deeply into His dark soul. I gave Him the freedom He desired. I felt his power crash thru me..it was intoxicating. He was finally away from the vanilla masses, the giggling schoolgirls He toyed with as amusement, this time He found the gateway into the Garden.

He presses His head into My ass to tease Me as I moaned.. then he abruptly grabbed me, I struggled...

He smiled even wider-- until He flipped Me on My back, I gasped at the strength and He removed the rose from My mouth gently with a deep passionate kiss.

Again My tormentor took the rose into His hands this time wielding it as a velvet whip. He crashed upon the mound of My clit and pussy and lashed Me with it.

Punishment that a temptation like Me existed. Punishment that I brought out a side of Him that long since was put away. Punishment that I smelled it. Punishment for the sheer joy of it in His lust.

Sometimes the petals would kiss My insides and sometimes the thorns would meet it just as kindly.

A river of glistening sugar began to spill out..it has only begun.

(to be continued)

Its good to be...ME

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