Wanna Have Sex?  

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12/18/2005 7:19 am

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Wanna Have Sex?

That was our statement. Nothing cute or sexy. Just "Wanna have sex?"

Cleve, our oldest dog (he passed away in March after a long bout with cancer) would notice afterwards that we would be covered with each others scent, and the bedroom would reek of us and what we did. Dogs love scents.

Cleve was a hugger. He loved to get hugs while out on walks. He loved to cuddle. This wasn't a small dog; he was 120 pounds of dog. When one of us would say "Wanna have sex," Cleve would get all excited. The first time I said to Cleve "Wanna have sex?" his eyes got big and he got all excited and ran into the bedroom. We followed him, and found him laying on the bed with this this huge smile on his face, tail wagging.

To Cleve, sex was cuddle time.

My wife calls Nadia a slut, as when she sees me she will lay on her back, spread eagle with a smile. And when she reacts to the sex word, she'll run into the bedroom with Cleve, but lay on her back. My wife thinks Nadia has a "screw me now" look on her face (My wife also thinks that if Nadia were human, she would try to steal me away).

Roy and Lucky? They weren't around when the sex word was muttered. They think it's some sort of play time. I see the confusion in their eyes: "What's this sex thing?" Sigh.

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