Let it Snow!  

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12/6/2005 3:58 pm

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Let it Snow!

It looks like winter is hitting North Texas early this year. The Dallas area is under a Winter Storm Watch, although the nasty stuff is expected to hit around noon tomorrow. We normally get our annual ice storm in February ‒ maybe we’ll get several this season? But I’m prepared: got plenty of food (Costco was blowing out smoked salmon at $3.97 for a 1.5 lb package) and beverages (a couple bottles of Melbac and some Mexican hot chocolate). Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll just pull up a chair to the window, have a nice glass of wine and some smoked salmon, and watch the North Texas Automotive Ballet commence. Normally, Dallas drivers are some of the worst in the country. Add some ice and snow, and it’s pretty entertaining.

I love snow. I grew up south of Los Angeles and never saw snow close up. I moved to Indiana to go to college and had a blast. My neighbors thought I was nuts because I was grilling outside in the winter, and would go barefoot with shorts and a t-shirt to get the mail. But, there is nothing like walking outside after it snows and listen. The snow absorbs sound, so it’s very quiet. I’d walk around just to hear my boots crunch in the snow.

My oldest dogs love snow, too. The oldest would let me bury him so just his head would stick out. The other would want to play ball in the snow. I would tease her and throw snowballs and she would chase them down. Of course, she could never find them and would run around in circles looking confused until I called her.

If I’m lucky, we’ll get a couple of inches tomorrow. Hopefully it’s the wet stuff so I can build a snowman. I hope I never grow up

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