I Want One of These  

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12/12/2005 4:21 pm

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I Want One of These

I read this on an other site I participate in:

I'm an avid reader of Car and Driver, and each year as part of their 10Best list, they do a 10Best Winner and Losers feature. This particular winner caught my eye:

Paul Stender really had to go. So he attached a 50-year-old Boeing jet engine to an outhouse--with the original toilet seat doubling as the driver's seat--and used the wall-mounted urinal to funnel 12 gallons of JP-4 fuel into a holding tank. Result: a top speed of around 46 mph.

"It's not real aerodynamic," Stender confessed to Popular Science, which in turn explained to the readers how they could duplicate the flying loo for $10,000. Stender said he no longer equips his biffy with toilet paper because it tends to get sucked into the turbine.

**Darned AdultFriendFinder won't allow URLs. Go to popsci dot com and look for the jet powered outhouse (

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