Do Dogs Laugh?  

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12/6/2005 8:52 am

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Do Dogs Laugh?

Yesterday, Jeannie Moos on CNN did a feature on research regarding dog laughter. “What the Hell,” you ask. Okay, non-dog owners can leave the room now

I have three dogs (had four, but one passed away in March), and I know they laugh. They laugh when they run around the house, bouncing off the walls and furniture. They laugh at me when I do something stupid, like fall through the ceiling. Their laughter is different from normal panting. When my dogs laugh, I see a glint in their eyes, like a child when they’re being goofy. Now, there’s research backing this up.

According to an article posted at , the untrained human ear cannot tell between a dog’s laughter and panting. When researchers analyzed recordings of normal panting and suspected laughing, there is a difference in the sound waves recorded. An animal shelter in Spokane WA is using recordings of dog laughter to calm the kennel.

Next subject: do dogs sing?

I have no idea. When I sing, the dogs sit and smile. When my wife sings, they bark and howl. I think they’re telling her to stop

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