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baldwinta 67M
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7/20/2006 6:04 am

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5/3/2016 8:24 am

Video Intros

For some reason, I started wandering through some of the video introductions on here. Now, I am a married bi-sexual man looking for another man as a friend with benefits and/or a fuck buddy.

I found most of the video intros are by men allegedly looking for women. I watched anyway.

Well, if these men are looking for women, their videos must scare at least half of them away! Firstly, they were all jo videos - now I have no problem watching a gusher shooting, but cum on guys! Do you really think a woman wants to see only that? And of course there were the men bending over and using dildos on themselves! Now, to me, that tells me that that man wants a cock not a dildo up his arse! What is a man looking for a man to think?

And you men who make these videos - if a bi-sexual or gay man contacts you, do you tell them you don't want a man? If you do, you had better wake up 'cause your body language says otherwise!

Oh - I must admit I especially appreciated the few videos I came across where the featured member was not only playing with his member, but was actually sucking, eating, swallowing his featured member!! Now - THAT is hot. But still - is it as hot for a woman looking for a man?

So men on cam - thank you for those videos you give us featuring your manhood in all it's orgasmic glory! For the voyeurs here, they are indeed a fine gift. Just remember, when a man contacts you and offers to do more to that member and the rest of the body don't be prissy and upset and 'macho' - you, dear friend, are inviting men even tho' you claim you only want a woman!!

lickdick52 65M  
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5/6/2007 6:14 am

I agree totally.

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