still don't understand women  

bajanbendcock 39M
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4/4/2006 3:31 pm

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4/6/2006 6:05 pm

still don't understand women

tell me what de hell does be going on in the minds of women,i met someone on AdultFriendFinder couple days ago, so i say i gine see where things lead.first i couldn't find where she lived ,then when we met it was a bit strange because i am a shy there i was sitting in this lovely young lady's house not sure what de hell i doing and how de hell i get there.not beening able to talk with like i had a little bit of scents.
things started off strange and got worst because i didn't know what to expect,so many things going through my mind, like is this person a wacko, all i wanted to do was leave but i could not find the courage to leave just like that .so i stayed ,trying to make a weird situation seem natural.every time i looked around this person staring at me and got me uncomfortable, all that going through my mind is make sure you get home safe ole boy hear.we tried talking but it just was not there, no spark no sort of chemistry.whoa to do ,i made nice until the movie we were watching was over and waiting for my chance to leave she said she was sleepy, so i took that to be my way out. so i said was i am ready to leave scents she was sleepy, called a taxi and that was that .still don't know how to get female work out in my head.

rdy2try4 52F  
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4/4/2006 4:02 pm

I hate to tell you this, but BOTH SEXES have this problem!! Do not lay it at the feet of only women my dear. I have had crappy meets also and now I only meet at lush parties. I have met with men that lied about their pictures totally and left in less than 2 minutes because they SO lied. I have met with men that immediately started trying to rip my clothes off and again, I was out of there.

#1...NEVER MEET in a private place. Yes, the idiot tried to get in my pants in a restaurant.
#2...TALK FIRST!!! I can't stress that enough. You people that feel you have to meet *immediately* are asking for this crap. Trust me, a few emails don't hurt but they can help. (NOTE...I am not talking for months, just a few. If you cannot talk, you won't take the time for anything else and could be hiding something)
#3...KNOW WHAT YOU BOTH WANT!! Again, there are people that are misleading and playing games in profiles. TALKING will help cut that down.
#4...READ THE PROFILES...It isn't fool proof but if you come here looking at pics and expecting something, many emails I get are NOT what I want and get thrown out for obvious reasons.

Again, there are men AND women that lie, sneak, or mislead and play games. This is the internet and it is a perfect place for people to *pretend* to be whatever they wish to be. That doesn't make them automatically what they said they are. TALKING via email *before* giving out numbers can be much safer. Don't get in a situation where you have to change a phone number due to a *bunny burner* woman or a *stalking* man!!!

Now not knowing how long you chatted, I am guessing not long. I may be wrong. But trust me, for all those that will say "life is too short..take chances"....I say "Yes, you can die in a tub. But do NOT get in the tub with a live electrical chord in your hands."

For some wild examples of men that have no clue on here...Please...READ my here--->rdy2try4 and see the emails we get. I am sure most of the men have no clue the kind of crap we get. Emails insulting us because we say what we want or don't, slammed for saying no thank you politely, and just plain lame ass emails of "wanna f*ck" from about 75% of our emails.

This place isn't easy, but it can work.

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